What You Need to Know About Psychiatric Drugs, with Psychiatrist Joanna Moncrieff


From Psychology Is: “Millions of people are prescribed psychiatric drugs each year, but few understand how these drugs actually affect the brain. Psychiatrist Joanna Moncrieff joins psychologist Nick Fortino on Psychology Is in this important conversation about how people think these drugs work and how they actually work.”

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  1. A HUGE thank you to MIA for posting this very important information.
    And another HUGE thank you to Joanna for taking the time to give the proper information.
    And to Nick for doing the interview.

    I have one reservation about it and that is the use of the word “medication”. I think
    we should always use the proper term which is “drugs”.
    IN all cases, even aspirin, it is simply a drug and I doubt any doctor would be breaking rules
    by using the proper term.

    And I think it’s important to keep reiterating that an AP Drug should ever only be used under extreme circumstance and the lowest dose, for a very limited time. These are not “stabilizing drugs” , they are very simply “disabling drugs”. They should be referred to as exactly what they do.

    But awesome work Joanna, I’m a big fan of truth speakers and those who are not scared to do so.

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    • Hi Sam, I second that. It’s a fantastic interview that explains what the ‘misunderstandings’ are.

      I notice that the UK is probably the most advanced country in the World in turning the tables on the “chemical solution”, and has been for a while!

      “Schizophrenia” is no longer guaranteed.

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