My Torturer Died Today

Survivor-researcher Vanessa Furtado writes a eulogy for the man who labeled her as schizophrenic when she was a child, sentencing her to a life of forced (mis)treatments, compounded trauma, and marginalization. The doctor passed away as a well-respected, decorated member of the medical and scientific community. She, on the other hand, keeps on fighting to recover from the wounds inflicted on her. Even today as a Ph.D. candidate trained in psychology, that old label keeps on casting doubts on her sanity and abilities in the eye of fellow scholars and the society at large, delegitimizing her critical work as that of a madwoman holding a grudge against psychiatry. Read in Portuguese or an English translation.


  1. This is a good example of what psychiatrists do, beyond the drugs, especially when it comes to diagnoses like schizophrenia and bipolar. It’s mainly psychological. The drugs (which they know nothing about, why would they?), are a tool just meant to reduce your capacity to think for yourself. They lie, the only function they have is to keep you on the drugs. They serve another master.

    There is no such thing as mis(treatment) when it comes to psychiatry. As Ms Furtado said, it’s torture.

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  2. The ongoing stigma is real and very intentional, when given a label that gives the go ahead to stigmatise, abuse and control the subject, which would not be possible without said label. Limitations are then put on their life. When my old psychiatrist dies, I will pop open a bottle of champagne, reserved for only the best occasion’s as I don’t even drink the stuff.

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