College Tuition Sparked a Mental Health Crisis. Then the Hospital Bill Arrived.


From Kaiser Health News: “‘I’m a literally broke college student that didn’t have money for food,’ [Divya Singh] recalled. ‘At that moment of panic, I didn’t want to do anything or leave my bed.’

In late October, she called the campus counseling center hotline and met with a psychologist. ‘All I wanted was someone to listen to me and validate the fact that I wasn’t going crazy,’ she said.

Instead, when she mentioned suicidal thoughts, the psychologist insisted on a psychiatric evaluation. Singh was taken by ambulance to Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, New York, and kept for a week on a psychiatric ward at nearby Zucker Hillside Hospital. Both are part of the Northwell Health system.

The experience — lots of time alone and a few therapy sessions — was of minimal benefit psychologically, she said. Singh emerged facing the same tuition debt as before.

And then another bill came.”

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  1. This resembles the Army General adage of “the beatings will continue until morale improves.”

    Someone is suffering because they are poor. Psychiatrists “solution” is to take their money and sell them disabling drugs.
    Someone is suffering because they have low social status, few future prospects and few social connections. Psychiatrists solution is to stigmatize them as dangerous uncontrollable mental defects who need deadly drugs that cause cognitive dysfunction.
    A kid doesn’t like school. A k I’d likes school and struggle with online learning. Solution is a stigmatization and a stimulant addiction. When you think of happy high functioning people is your first thought people who been addicted to meth since childhood? Oh, wait if a child scores high on a subjective tabloid questionnaire they are actually helped by meth. That is science!

    If Tobacco had gone the psych route tobacco would be a safe and effective medicine. 6 week studies would find tobacco is safe, increase productivity and relieves stress. Withdrawal studies would find people suffering from nicotine imbalances suffer without tobacco. Tobacco users having 20 year shorter lifespans would prove they have a chemical imbalance and need tobacco. Brain studies would find tobacco addicts have differences and those differences would be the underlying mental defect.

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