ECT: Dangerous on Either Side of the Pond


From Psychiatric Times: “An evidence-based approach to psychiatry dictates that this controversial treatment be suspended pending research that meets 21st century standards to determine whether there are any benefits to offset the proven adverse effects in comparison to placebo. At the very least, to comply with the ethical principle of informed consent, the minority of psychiatrists who continue to use ECT must tell potential ECT recipients that: there is no evidence that it is better than placebo beyond the end of the treatment period, there is no evidence that it saves lives, and studies have found that it causes persistent or permanent memory loss in 12% to 55% of patients, with particularly high rates among women and older individuals.”

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  1. According to this study electrocuting brains to induce brain damage increases suicide by 31%. If you want to see what “informed consent” in psychiatry looks like view the conclusions of this study where it ignores the data and claims ECT is no different on the measure of suicide than people not getting ECT. 2 plus doesn’t equal 5 but 131 equals 100 if you have the insight of psychiatry. This is why they don’t want patients to actually read the research in its whole.

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  2. LOL, 21st century “standards”. What is that? Who decides the “standards”?
    Wow we came so far since electricity was invented.
    And that was pretty recent.

    We should be embarrassed and horrified of the shit we do to people’s brains.
    Doctors are not allowed to do these things to the rest of the body.

    But because the brain gets stupid or wild and crazy from their poking with shock and drugs, it is the perfect plan. My patient looks nuts, and I have a job.

    Plus I can also drive them psychologically crazy and even suicide and no one can touch me.
    I’m an invincible shrink, a hater of men.

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