Philopsychiatry and Antipsychiatry, the Different Visions Between Users and Professionals

From Mad in Italy: Italian engineer and service user Gio Beppini reflects on the function of biomedical psychiatry and the perception of it within user groups, questioning to what extent and in what ways the discipline has a legitimate role to play in the treatment of so-called mental disorders. Read in Italian or a google translation into English.


  1. Great article.
    Short and sweet.

    There are of course many similarities between religion and Psych, and I find it
    odd that most shrinks or docs would perhaps not admit to believing in some almighty
    power. Perhaps their belief is reflected in their judgements, carrying out the judgement
    on earth.
    But within religion, I can become redeemed, eventually.

    Not so within psychiatry. There is no erasure of the labels. The damning evidence that one is defective.
    That scientific evaluation.

    It’s really odd that EVEN IF there was “scientific proof” that one is defective, one would still need to define first what is defective and what is not.

    Thank god that the misery this looking at others as defective lasts less than 100 years, for the observed and the observer, and then, they become completely equal.

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