Chris Cornell’s Family Settles Lawsuit With Doctor Over Rocker’s Death


From Fox News: “The Cornell family alleged in the lawsuit filed in 2018 in Los Angeles Superior Court that medication, especially the anti-anxiety drug lorazepam (Ativan), prescribed by Dr. Robert Koblin led to erratic behavior from the Soundgarden frontman before his death in Detroit in 2017 at age 52.

. . . The lawsuit said Koblin and his Beverly Hills, California, office ‘negligently and repeatedly’ prescribed ‘dangerous mind-altering controlled substances to Chris Cornell which impaired Mr. Cornell’s cognition, clouded his judgment, and caused him to engage in dangerous impulsive behaviors that he was unable to control, costing him his life.'”

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  1. I can’t be sure, but Chris Cornell was a famous rockstar with quite a bit of money, fame and hence power. Couldn’t he stop taking pills which “clouded his judgement” etc. Was he forced onto them? If not, he could have gotten a new doctor. Not sure if it’s the doctors fault in this case. However, I do not know both sides, so I will reserve judgement.

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    • The legal question would be whether he received “informed consent” as to the likely effects of the drugs. He would not have to have been forced onto them, the doctors would have to have been dishonest or have left out important information that could have prevented his death.

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  2. Even if he received fully informed consent (which is exceptionally unlikely), if medication spellbinding occurred (i.e., drug-induced clouded judgment), he may not have been able to appreciate that the drugs were causing his behavior or that he should stop taking them.

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