The Dangers of the Chemical Imbalance Theory of Depression


From Big Think: “Unlike diabetes or cancer, which appear in blood samples, depression is subjective. The chemical marker often used, serotonin, is correlated to troublesome mental health. Serotonin doesn’t cause the blahs. Decade after decade, however, we’ve been marketed the idea that chemical imbalance is the culprit behind depression. As a new study, published in Journal of Affective Disorder, shows, as the language of clinical neuroscience replaces the vocabulary of psychotherapy, patients’ outcomes worsen.

A team based at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School’s largest psychiatric facility, wanted to understand the impact of neurobiological and genetic terms being used to describe mental illness. Does the language we use affect treatment protocols and patient expectations? According to their study, the answer is yes.”

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  1. Mental anguish is just that; grief over loss or extenuating circumstances is not an illness.
    Medicalize, tranquilize, anesthetize, profitise.
    Empathy is free, but so therapeutic.

    Chemical imbalance, ie mass marketing tool, is not research based. Ethical research, that is. Not.
    Try mentioning that in an inpatient group setting.
    Kinda sets them off. Then you get shunned and invited to leave group.
    Then they tell you if you keep talking like this to other patients, you won’t be discharged.
    How did shamanism get so much power over people? How can you assess a patient without talking with them?

    A pill will not dry your tears. No medication can reduce the harm of unsafe relationships on people. If anything, the meds facilitate abuse. Medicate, indoctrinate, subordinate.
    So disgusting…

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    • “A pill will not dry your tears.” This is is so true. And I ask why would you want to do that? I was “convinced” to do that. I think “convinced” is not quite the right word. There are more forceful and/or manipulative words. But, why? Tears are better without drugs. They are cleansing like a shower on a summer day. Why take away what God has given us naturally to heal ourselves? Because, these people prescribing these drugs not only want to play God, but be God. But, in the teachings I know from church, there is only one God. Some may see it differently for a myriad of reasons. However, the fact there is only one God may prevent those from either playing God or trying to be God. And then we can cry until we joyfully laugh ourselves to Heaven. Thank you.

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