Gabor Maté, MD: The Power of Connection: Finding Wisdom in Our Trauma


From “Dr. Gabor Maté will take you on a journey of discovery; weaving together common struggles we all experience through his unique perspective and helping find the hidden wisdom in your trauma. Topics include: The epidemic of addiction, childhood trauma, parenting, the mind-body connection, relationships, communication failures, common misconceptions, as well as his thoughts on where society and politics intermix.

This Wholehearted talk offers a comprehensive overview of the crucial role that connection plays in every aspect of life. Gabor describes the role of connection at the earliest stage of life, where connection with caregiving parent is crucial for survival. How these early parent-child interactions occur impacts how the brain and its neural pathway develop, and influences our emotions, the development of our immune system, our communication and coping strategies later in life, our risks of addiction, serious illness such as asthma, MS, arthritis and cancer, and more.

Gabor skillfully weaves together the medical, scientific, and psychological research on how brain and body interact, and how our relationships affect that development, and paints a picture that helps us understand why and how we behave, and how our perceptions influence our world… but before that, how the world influences our perceptions.

This one-hour video is an excellent introduction to Gabor’s perspective on the absolute necessity of connection to healthy existence, and how deficits in connection early in life influence everything from our bodies, to politics, to society. He ends by encouraging us to consider what changes we could make and what we’d need to do to begin to make those changes.”

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  1. Is this going to be the next “have to” that I “have to” do because a curly haired man in another country implies with verve and charm to his solemn audience that I “have to” connect?
    If I am free I am free to disconnect from the eight billion imbalanced raging bullies who think they know what is best for my psyche.

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