Mikhaila Peterson Podcast: The Dangers of Psychiatric Medication


From Mikhaila Peterson: Mikhaila Peterson, daughter of the Canadian psychologist and author Jordan Peterson, who both had serious, negative reactions to psych drugs and withdrawal, talks with experts about the reality behind our current epidemic of medication harm.

SSRI withdrawal – something I didn’t know existed – gave me the worst psychiatric symptoms I’ve ever had for more than 2.5 years after I suddenly stopped taking them (not aware that you had to wean and that they’re dependency forming). If I hadn’t had the diet I’m on (the lion diet) I don’t know what I would have done. It was like I was in hell. Then almost right after I recovered my dad almost died from psych medication. I brought two experts on – Dr. Jim Wright and Dr. David Cohen – to discuss the actual reality behind psychiatric medications and pharmaceuticals and dependency and withdrawal and suicide. This is an episode everyone should listen to if they or a loved one is on psychiatric medication or considering one or acting strange after being medicated.

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  1. I, honestly, didn’t listen to the podcast. I have a difficult time with these kinds of things. I did read some of the comments. Perhaps, there are more people out there willing to speak up about how psychiatry and its drugs have harmed them. One thing, that did interest me in the summary above was how Mikaila Peterson used the “Lion Diet” to help her through her withdrawal. I do not know if she has continued on this diet. I looked up on the internet about this “Lion Diet” It is is very high in “animal protein.” I am not sure about the protein ratios as to whether one should eat more beef, chicken, pork or even seafood and fish or the amounts of each. However, I know from personal experience that there are those of us, for whatever reason, who must eat beef.
    I have tried vegetarian diets and almost always got sick. I have tried eating chicken and/or seafood diets and got run-down, irritable, grumpy, more sleepy than usual. When, I was in college, before my psych drug years, I went on a “chicken diet” that a friend told me was very good. It might have been good for her, but not for me. I was on this diet for awhile and then one day, I found that I could barely get of of bed and when I did to take a shower, the shower took me more than an hour and I was about 20 years old. But, just today, I was reminded how much I need to eat a mostly beef diet. I had been eating chicken for several days. But, this morning, when I awoke, I was sleepy, unable to concentrate, irritable, grumpy, “depressed”, and my body and brain felt “out of sorts.” I am at a loss for words as to how I truly felt. I called my mother and begged her to get me two hamburger’s from Wendy’s. Even if my car worked, I was definitely unable to drive. She also brought me an extra cube steak she had from her freezer. I gobbled those hamburgers as if I were a college student again. For dinner, I had basically another hamburger disguised as a “taco salad.” I now feel like my old self again. I am calmer, clearer, and that “depression, etc.” has disappeared. I do not think everyone is “wired” like I am, but there are those of us do need beef to live. I don’t know why. It would be curious to see how that is related to “symptoms” or whatever. Could there be those falling into the harmful “rabbit hole” of psychiatry who really only need a diet rich in beef? Of course, for someone else, who could be another foodstuff? For whatever reason, it seems that we are not meant to all eat the same thing—even within the same family. Personally, this may be more “trial and error” than genetics, however, we should not involve psych drugs in the “trial and error.” It is too dangerous. Our lives are meant to be discovered and that includes what we should and should not eat; just as much as our strengths and non-strengths (or weaknesses) and a million other things. Thank you.

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    • I’m listening to the podcast, as I write. And I’m glad at least one in the Peterson family is speaking out against big Pharma’s “cures.” Thank you, Mikhailia.

      As to diet, which rebel discussed. I’m guessing the fact that I did stick to a low carb diet, and I refused to stop my regular moderate exercise routine, as was recommended by my insane “mental health” workers, was wise.

      These common sense based behaviors did likely assist me in surviving my psychologist’s and psychiatrists’ extremely bad advise, and their neurotoxic drugs.

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      • I know that I discussed diet. I do think diet is very important in one’s health and well-being. Probably, many people would not need the harmful drugs that psychiatry, etc. forces upon us if we ate the right diet. However, the right diet must be individually tailored, like everything else. What is right for me may be harmful to you and vice various. I did look up the “lion diet” on the internet and saw that it was heavily protein based. Of course, there would be no way I could know nor should I know the “health history” of anyone other than myself. However, there are those who do need more protein and that protein does need to come from animal sources. Of course, there are some who need a more vegetarian diet. And, even amongst any of these diet there are millions of variations. I am no dietician or nutritionist. I barely got a BA degree in psychology; but, I do think each person is the authority of what is good and what is bad for their body and brain. Of course, most doctors, etc. usually refuse to listen to you. Perhaps, they feel threatened or not needed. But, I speak of diet, because I know from experience that I can eat food that will give me the same or similar effects as the drugs do and/or alcohol has done to me. I have learned and am learning to stay away from those foods. There are also those foods which calm me, strengthen me and give me energy—the foods that make me feel like myself. I don’t know why this is. I have found that the foods that gave me trouble before the psych drug years now give me greater trouble. I think one’s diet is as individual as skills, talents, even the clothes we wear or the music or colors we like. But, like I said the experts seem to care less and want us to become some collective blob. Learning the food that one can eat and that one can not eat is also a discovery process. It is paying attention to those very signals they tried to drum out of us with their drugs. I wish everyone well. Thank you.

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  2. Hard to believe the Peterson family is still promoting the meat only diet – you would think the terrible health issues that Jordan and his wife Tammy have faced over the last couple of years would make them reassess their diet. The most important new area of study in biological health has to be the increasing knowledge of the importance of a diverse and healthy gut microbiota in maintaining health and preventing autoimmune and other chronic disease like diabetes and heart disease. The gut microbiota need FIBRE – that is their food and what keeps the colonic cell tight junctions functioning and prevents inflammation in the body. A meat diet contains NO fibre, only plant foods contain fibre – so I cannot imagine a more unhealthy diet, which is also likely to increase the risk of nasty side-effects of drugs/medications. I watched a recent podcast where Tammy Peterson is still promoting the meat diet – unbelievable after developing a serious and life threatening kidney cancer.

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