Advocacy Org. Files DOJ Complaint on Behalf of Britney Spears, Urges Congressional Action on Guardianships


Yesterday, the Coalition for Elder and Disability Rights (CEDAR), which is fighting for guardianship reform and/or abolition, filed a civil rights complaint with the US Department of Justice on behalf of Britney Spears and asked Senator Bob Casey’s office to track the progress of the investigation. They also asked Sen. Casey to spearhead Congressional action on guardianships in general.

Complaint filed with the US Department of Justice →

Letter to Senator Bob Casey →


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  1. I’m so glad Brittany is speaking out. I read the guardianship contract I was given, under a disingenuous guise, and I was staggeringly appalled. It was so horrendous, I didn’t even need to take it to my lawyer to read. And I filed a complaint against the psychologist who gave it to me, at my local police department. These type contracts really should be illegal.

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  2. I hope some organization or attorney can step in and help her get her away from what seems like a dangerous environment. Her housekeeper just filed charges against her for misdemeanor assault. Three guesses who’s really behind it. She is in a very dangerous situation.
    Interesting that in the California courts, a conservatee can testify that they are experiencing conservatorship abuse and nothing about the situation changes. “Oh we can address this a couple months from now whenever the next court date is. Nothing serious…”. WTH

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