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From RxISK: “Conservatorships/guardianships are used to take people’s rights away on the grounds that the person is not competent to make decisions. This is also called not having the ‘capacity’ to make decisions. Psychiatrists are invariably called in to testify the person is not competent or lacks capacity. However, laypeople are just as good — actually better — at making such determinations. There is a terrific book published in 1984, now available as a free download, by psychiatrist Lee Coleman titled The Reign of Error in which he shows not only how psychiatric expert opinions do not meet the standard requirements for being admissible in court, they are often absurd.

Psychiatrists haven’t gotten any better since then. That they are still allowed to testify as experts can only be understood because society wants cover to take away people’s rights in certain situations. It is not just guardianships/conservatorships — inaccurate and invalid psychiatric testimony is used to take children away from parents, usually mothers; psychiatrically imprison people, euphemistically called ‘involuntary commitment’; and force unwanted, unhelpful, counterproductive and harmful drugs into people — even electroshock people against their will. This is all fueled by invalid so-called ‘expert’ psychiatric testimony.”

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  1. “Psychiatrists are invariably called in to testify the person is not competent or lacks capacity. However, laypeople are just as good — actually better — at making such determinations.”

    This is likely true for several reasons. Like, for example, that the dumbest people who got in to med school, are apparently directed into psychiatry. And I know when I went to college, it was the kids who couldn’t get into the architecture, engineering, business, et al schools, who ended up going into psychiatry. Plus, I believe about the only people who can get their masters degrees, without first having to take the GRE, are the “mental health” workers.

    Not to mention, the “mental health” workers I have known do have a tendency to assume they are more intelligent than others. Likely because they’ve unjustly – by our governments – been given the right to force treat people and steal people’s children, via their societal role as omni-potent moral busy bodies.

    But I will say, when an unsolicited moral busy body psychologist handed one of those conservatorship / guardianship contracts to me – under a disingenuous guise – plus due to his incorrect assumptions about me, and desire to make an ass out of me.

    I was already well researched, thus able to make an ass out of him, and his religion, which has “partnered” with the “mental health” workers. Merely by pointing out the systemic child abuse covering up crimes of the “mental health” workers, and the bishops of his religion.


    It’s good people are talking about these horrendous contracts. I’m glad I knew enough to read a contract, prior to refusing to sign it. But I’ve heard these are being handed out to many elderly as well, so their assets can be stolen. And then the psychiatrists kill these elderly, with their neurotoxins.

    These contracts should be illegal, but I know they’re not yet, since I went and asked a cop about just that. I do think the cop was amused that one of the asses, who hands these contracts out, was called out, however.

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