The Cost of Forced ‘Psychiatric Care’ Like Britney Spears Got Can Be Ruinous


From NPR: “When Britney Spears went before a judge in June, she bristled as she told of being forced into psychiatric care that cost her $60,000 a month. Though the pop star’s circumstances in a financial conservatorship are unusual, every year hundreds of thousands of psychiatric patients receive involuntary care, and many are stuck with the bill.

Few have Spears’ resources to pay for it, which can have devastating consequences.

. . . While hospitals sometimes absorb the cost, patients can be left with ruined credit, endless collection calls and additional mistrust of the mental health care system. In cases in which a hospital chooses to sue, patients can even be incarcerated for not showing up in court. On the hospital side, unpaid bills might further incentivize a hospital to close psych beds in favor of more lucrative medical services with better insurance reimbursement, such as outpatient surgeries.”

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  1. I just watched the most recent New York Times documentary on this topic, Controlling Britney Spears.
    What I find incredible but also completely predictable given this is the New York Times, is the fact that nowhere in either of the documentaries they have produced so far is the role of psychiatry in this awful conservatorship addressed. In the most recent documentary, the focus is on the security team that bugged private spaces in her home without her knowledge or consent, the management company that forced her to work under constant threat of losing time with her children, the family, the courts.
    None of this would have been possible without a psychiatrist deeming Ms. Spears unfit to care for herself and continuing to state that she was unfit to care for herself for 13 years. There is some mention of Ms. Spears being forced to go to a rehab style mental health facility against her will after she refused to do another Las Vegas residency and being put on lithium against her will. Who is the doctor that ordered the lithium? Who is the doctor who said she needed to be committed? Are these people going to get off scot-free? What about the therapist who acted as an enforcer of the demands of the people who ran the conservatorship who were trying to force her to keep working against her will when she was exhausted? What doctor prescribed the medication that the security team was ordered to deliver to her in a sealed envelope and make sure that she ingested? There are so many villains in this story, but Psychiatry and psychiatrists and that whole establishment made all of this possible.

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  2. “we lack reliable data on debt incurred for involuntary psychiatric care. According to Dr. Nathaniel Morris, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, we don’t know how often patients are charged for involuntary care or how much they end up paying. Even data on how often people are hospitalized against their wishes is limited.”

    All of this is pretty much a complete and total lack of “professionalism,” incompetence, and even abuse of power, thus criminal, don’t you think? And I will mention, as one who had good health insurance, my private health insurance company was defrauded out of $30,000 in 2006 for two and a half weeks of unneeded and undesired forced treatment – by this now FBI convicted doctor, and his criminal psychiatric “snowing” partner-in-crime.

    “Morris is one of the few researchers who have focused on this issue. He got interested after his patients told him about being billed after involuntary hospitalization. He was struck by the ethical dilemma these bills represent.”

    Charging – either the patient, or their insurance company – for forced treatment is unethical, and should be illegal. But I will say, since I picked up the expunged court documents from my first 2006 illegal forced treatment. I did learn that the criminal doctors are forging people’s signatures on the voluntary consent forms – which will make legitimate research into this unethical, and illegal, medical behavior even more difficult, if not impossible.

    “People who have been involuntarily hospitalized rarely seek a lawyer, Burnim says, but when they do, the debt collection agencies will often drop the case rather than face a costly legal battle.”

    I’m quite certain the problem is the lawyers are NOT taking the cases, NOT that “people who have been involuntarily hospitalized rarely seek a lawyer.” Because I did look for a lawyer – and most my friends from childhood did grow up to be lawyers – and even I couldn’t find one, not that I asked many, prior to researching further into the real problem.

    I’m quite certain the reason why I couldn’t find a lawyer is that the current “standard of care” by psychiatrists is the problem. Since their current “protocol” requires them to put people on the ADHD drugs and antidepressants, which can create the “bipolar” symptoms.

    Then they put those “bipolar” misdiagnosed, on the “schizophrenia treatments,” which can create both the positive and negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via anticholinergic toxidrome and neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome. Despite this being considered malpractice in the DSM-IV-TR, but sickly, not in the DSM5.

    I will say during my second, and last, medically unneeded forced hospitalization (God forbid a person lie in a public park at 11am, minding her own business, and watching the clouds. As she contemplates the extreme medical betrayal with which she’d dealt – after finding the medical proof that the antidepressants and antipsychotics are both medically known to create psychosis, via anticholinergic toxidrome).

    And this was medical betrayal against millions of people, not just me. So it was quite shocking information to find, and mentally digest, in 2009.

    I was able to get the 2009 hospital, that medically unnecessarily – and based upon a “medically clear” diagnosis – who obviously broke HIPPA laws, since I did not sign HIPPA forms for an unneeded $5000 physical. For a not sick, and non-dangerous person – who I will admit was in a possible state of justifiable shock – to be sent back to a criminal psychiatrist.

    But that 2009 hospital, in the middle of the night, did medically unnecessarily send me back to that same 2006 criminal psychiatrist – who was never a psychiatrist I agreed to treat me. But I did learn in 2012, from an insurance company, that that criminal psychiatrist had been illegally listing me as her “out patient,” at a hospital I’d never been to. And that hospital did agree with me, I’d never been there.

    Nonetheless, when I confronted that 2009 hospital in 2012, it did pretty quickly agree to drop the $5000 forced physical charge, since they quickly realized their doctor did commit a HIPPA crime.

    “As Rebecca Lewis put it, reflecting on her decision not to challenge the bills she faces: ‘They’re Goliath and I’m little David.'” But David wins in the Bible, and when you fight Goliath – even the Goliath hospitals see themselves as the bullies, and criminals, that too many within our greed only motivated mainstream medical industry are. And those HIPPA law breaking hospitals will drop those $5000 unneeded physical charges – that resulted in unneeded forced hospitalizations. Because those hospitals do learn their doctors are breaking HIPPA laws, upon the advise of the criminal psychiatrists.

    And this is a much larger societal problem, than I even realized back in 2012, when I confronted that HIPPA law breaking hospital. This is one more reason why forced treatment should be made illegal altogether.

    For God’s sakes, what was illegal or dangerous about a person lying in a public park, minding her own business, watching the clouds? The police – who are taking such innocent, non-dangerous people to hospitals – are over stepping their bounds.

    But now, in 2021, since the American lawyers haven’t been taking legitimate cases against the criminal doctors in decades. The seemingly out of control CDC is recommending all non-vaccinated people be forced to wear masks, while all vaccinated people can go without masks? What ever happened to the HIPPA laws? And medical privacy?

    I’m pretty certain the CDC, and their funders – because their historic “schizophrenia” diagnosis, and it’s ability to destroy all political dissidents of a country they want to financially destroy, has been scientifically proven as “invalid” – are freaking out.

    God save America.

    And thanks to all those good Christians and Jews – and Americans of all walks of life, religions, and colors – who are actively working towards uniting Americans, and saving America, from the un-Constitutional and evil.

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