Limbic Revision – Love Heals Your Traumatized Brain


From MindKind Mom: “Limbic resonance is the attunement of a mother via deep eye contact to her baby. When the mother attunes to her infant with deep love, the infant learns that love is safe, forms a secure attachment, feels a sense of belonging and a sense of peace. Deep attuned attachment penetrates to the neural core of what it means to be a human being. In short, ‘Our caregivers create our infant brain via “limbic resonance.”’

Limbic resonance is of crucial importance for the emotional well-being of a human being. However, if your mother was consistently poorly attuned to you at this early stage of your life, failing to attend to your basic needs, your brain’s chemical composition and its limbic system’s ability to interact with the reptilian brain and neocortex in a manner conducive to emotional health and well-being may be seriously disrupted. This leads to limbic dysregulation, and impaired development of the personality as well as emotional difficulties in later life.

Limbic Revision

Limbic revision is simply another name for revising and rewiring the faulty development of our brain, namely our limbic system. In simple terms, in order to truly heal, we need to experience deep and attuned loving care.

We have to undo the encoding of abusive and poor-quality relationships we suffered as kids. What our parents and primary caregivers failed to give us, we have to find other sources to become attuned. This can happen in therapy or any other warm and deeply caring relationship. The authors of A General Theory of Love suggest that the resultant psychological problems due to abuse may be effectively treated with the use of a therapy known as Limbic Revision. Put simply, love is the only real cure for ‘mental illness.'”

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  1. “love is the only real cure for ‘mental illness.’” It’s interesting the author’s “mental illness,” was distress caused by child abuse. Not distress caused by a “chemical imbalance” in her brain.

    We need to stop calling distress caused by child abuse a “mental illness.” Because it’s legitimate distress, many times caused by a crime, the crime of child abuse.

    As the mother of a child abuse survivor, love was what I felt was the best way to help my healing child, even though I was initially in denial of the magnitude and nature of the child abuse crime, since my child was so very young.

    Once the medical evidence of the crime was handed over, and my denial had to go away, my psychiatrist thought neurotoxic poisoning my child was the best way to help a healing child abuse survivor, so I had to leave that lunatic psychiatrist.

    And I will say – since my psychologist and psychiatrists had a tendency to assume their clients are “mentally ill,” and less than – which is largely a way of spewing hate at someone.

    The fact that love is the answer, not hate, helps to explain part of why we’re seeing such bad outcomes in the “mental health” field. Force treating people, chemically raping people, stigmatizing people with “invalid” disorders … those are all forms of hate, and poisoning and violence and defamation of character ….

    Let’s hope more psychologists and psychiatrists wake up to reality soon. Love is the answer. Love helped my beloved child heal.

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