Labels That Stick

Mad in the UK: It’s a long story. I was a junior doctor, early in my professional journey when I sought help for an emotional crisis. I believed what the more senior doctors told me. I thought I was being responsible in going to them for help. I thought they were the experts and that I must follow their instructions. In fact, I was sure I was doing the right thing, just what my professional regulator, the GMC told me I must do.
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  1. Hi Cathy

    The last thing you needed was “to be taken to the cleaners” by the people you trusted. You had your Epiphany, and you realised the Medical Model was not productive.

    CBT innovator Aaron Beck passed away recently at the age of 100, and what strikes me …

    …Is how happy he himself appears. (I am aware CBT is not everyone’s cup of tea but I know it helps some).

    I experienced my Epiphany in 1984 when I withdrew from my Neuroleptic Injection. My Anxiety was so Severe that I was genuinely able to recognise it as Anxiety, and to find effective ways of working around it.

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