Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – 012 – Listening to her Whole Self…Even the Nasty Bits with Nadja Taranczewski


How coming to terms with her own relationship doubt and a part of herself she did not want to see brought an executive coach deep compassion for herself and others.

Nadja Tarancezewski had a degree in psychology, was working as a successful  organizational coach, and needless to say, had quite a high level of self awareness. But it was when she was face to face with her own self doubt about her love for her partner that she had to listen to a side of herself that was everything she did not want to be – judgmental, traditional, and closed. In this process, she was able to see exactly how the culture and environment she was raised in had been embedded in her own psyche, without her even being aware of it!

In this episode, we explore the role of fear within organizational systems as an outdated strategy for motivation, how addiction functions as a survival strategy (pssst…and how high performance can serve as an addiction) and how we must listen to and integrate our “nasty parts” if we really want to make a big shift in global consciousness. You can find out more about Nadja by visiting If you like what you’ve heard and want to be part of our podcast community, participate in special events, or discover the wisdom waking up in your own breakdown, check out our website at

The Break Down. Wake Up. Season 1 podcast is sponsored by JAEC Foundation: Rethinking Mental Health.