My Personal Experience with Madness and My Philosophy at a Glance

From Mad in Italy: The following is a testimonial written by Gio Beppini. “There are other societies in which delusion is completely normal. In our society it is not. So until our society is changed (and we join forces and organize ourselves), it is better to try to stay away from delusions. It is good to have the antipsychotic ready for any event and the telephone number of the psychiatrist. However, I think that with time and experience you can learn to live with your madness by achieving a good balance and a good quality of life. I believe that a certain level of mental illness must be endured: you must not expect to always be well and in shape.”

Click here to read this article in the original Italian, or here to read the English translation.


  1. I like the way you describe life, you are very funny.

    Stay away from family, has to be good advice. It mightn’t sound like it – but it is.

    I never suffered from Clinical depression even though I was prescribed Lithium and went quite high when I came off it. I survived the ‘highness’ without hospitalization as there was nowhere for me to go. I was a person in the community and on disability benefit.

    I recovered my independence as a result of stopping psychiatric drugs slowly, and figuring out how to deal with my ‘head’, and what the Psychiatric drugs had done to my ‘head’.

    Good Luck!

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