Out of Mind? Speech at the Master’s Graduation

From Mad in Finland: The first selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, Prozac, came to the market in the United States in 1988 and soon enough the SSRI drugs were also implemented in Finland. They were believed in; they were marketed as the latest scientific cure for depression. They were called the happiness pill. You didn’t need to suffer from negative mental states anymore, but instead, you could choose your mental state with the new generation antidepressant.

But how did it happen? Antidepressants and other psychoactive prescription drugs are already used by 20% of the population. Is depression a defeated position? No way. Mental health problems surpassed musculoskeletal disorders as the cause of early retirement in 2018. It’s worth asking, what went wrong?


Read the English translation here, or the original article here.


  1. “what went wrong?” Human (psychiatrists’) greed, pride, insecurity, ignorance, delusions of grandeur, lack of ethics, abuse of power …. Big Pharma’s scientific fraud, false – thus illegal – advertising. Criminality and malpractice on a massive societal scale … fraud and psychiatric ignorance – or more likely, since they were all taught about anticholinergic toxidrome in med school – intentional crimes, that have led to our very own, modern day, psychiatric holocaust.

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