The politics and power of hearing voices

From Mad in Ireland: A lot of voice hearers have voices that are persecutory in nature although it is worth remembering that some people are comfortable with this and some people hear voices without any persecution. So where does this power come from?  This depends on a number of factors, namely culture, the political climate and the ruling classes, but principally the struggle to use logic to make sense out of something you can’t see.

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  1. I never heard ‘voices’ myself even though the doctor in 1980 tried to make out I did – by representing the normal social thought inside my head, as a ‘hallucination’ outside of my head. This doctor committed suicide in October of 1999.

    I imagine persecutory ‘voices’ to be designed to negatively preoccupy a person. A solution might be to concentrate on the physical effects of the experience – to ‘anchor’ the mind and ‘process’ the feelings.

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