Restless Heart Syndrome: just hearing about psychiatry is enough

From Mad in the UK: As someone who has Complex Trauma and Dissociative Identity from childhood abuse, it is perhaps surprising that I’ve come so far on my healing journey without having had anything to do with psychiatry. It is only now that I moved from the UK to Germany and am in need of support due to homelessness, that I’m becoming fully aware of just how toxic the mental health system of the western world is. For some reason, our culture has come to see emotions as illnesses. What if we called “clinical depression” grief instead? Or hopelessness? Or emotional numbness? What if we called “anxiety disorder” fear instead? Would people still take their psychiatric drugs (medication) or would they maybe be more likely to wonder why they feel so often feel hopeless or scared?

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  1. I agree 100% with Laura’s assessment of the situation regarding psychic distress in today’s world; that it’s one of financial exploitation on top of personal victimization — which explains why so many people high on the abusive end of the narcissistic spectrum hold jobs as “mental health workers”. And it’s definitely spread by the misuse and overuse of psychological language that characterizes emotions as illness. And any effort to reclaim the narrative, i.e. “DI Without The Disorder” is definitely a step in the right direction.

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