1. Really? Even this blog, where people write for free, doesn’t treat lived experience the same as “critical clinicians”. What THAT is going to take is, first, to ELIMINATE developmental centers and exploitive “nonprofits” like Goodwill that either pay people with disabilities pennies for piece work or brag “WE PAY MINIMUM WAGE!” Then, all the “peers” need to stand up and stop being grateful for a low-wage career that pretty much guarantees they will die in poverty for the opportunity to “help others like them.” As long as peple put up with this discriminating garbage, nothing will change.

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        • I should clarify, I don’t think the clinicians get paid, per se, but they do get the front page of the blog while lived experiences gets “personal stories”, as though we are not capable of writing thoughtfully on the issues of our people, but only our own little simple opinions on our limited life events.

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          • Hi, Blogs Editor here. I just want to clarify that we are not able to pay authors for blogs or personal stories at this time, although I would love to be able to do so.

            I also want to add that blogs and personal stories appear in the same section on our front page, run as our featured story the day they are published, and are featured and promoted on social media in the exact same way. Personal stories is its own section to ensure that we are able to feature very important lived experiences every week, and we have a dedicated editor for that purpose because we consider this one of the most fundamental elements of Mad in America.

            Finally, I want to note that people with lived experiences can and do write blogs for us, and I am always happy to see further submissions, which you can send to the [email protected] email address.

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  2. Well, I for one am looking forward to being paid fairly for my lived experience. I hope it happens before I wind up living in a car but I doubt it.

    I tried to enroll in the SSA Ticket to Work program for people on SSDI. I called and gave my email and then received an email from the SSA listing a dozen organizations that help people find jobs through the Ticket to Work program. I started contacting the agencies, but it was a maze of error messages, emails that bounced back, broken URLs and voicemails never returned. The one person who did call me back said, “Ticket to Work. That sounds like a Social Security Administration program.” She gave me a number for the local SS office. I didn’t bother calling her back to say that I got her number from the SSA. I’m a masochist, but not that much of a masochist.

    I can’t afford my apartment anymore so I’m shopping for a car to live in. It’s not “mental illness” that leads to a dead end life. It’s relying on the mental health system in any way, shape or form. They make sure you’ll be ostracized from the rest of society so you can spend the rest of your life begging the system for help that never arrives.

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