‘I was arrested for “poisoning” my children after my antidepressants left me suicidal’

 At MyLondon.news, Anna Willis has this story about a British mother who, worried that her children had accidentally swallowed her pills, rushed them to the emergency room—where she wound up arrested and hospitalized: 

‘I don’t remember being transferred to hospital, presumably because I was unconscious or sedated, but during that journey, I was later told I was arrested on claims that I had attempted to poison my children.’

Laura Turner, a 44-year-old mum of three from Morden, had woken up in St George’s Hospital after attempting to take her own life to discover she’d been arrested on suspicion of poisoning her children. She had taken them to A&E [accident and emergency] in a paranoid panic and told staff she was worried they’d consumed her sleeping tablets.

Her husband, Duncan, rushed to the hospital to find Laura gone. He was asked permission for nurses to take urine samples from the children to detect if they had actually taken any of their mum’s medicine. ‘The children all seemed fine, none of them had any symptoms,’ Duncan said.

The Turners’ house had been turned into a crime scene and none of the family were allowed home. Detectives then arrived at A&E, speaking individually to the two older children and then to Duncan before allowing them to return home.

Only then did Duncan discover Laura had been arrested. . . . 

Whilst at St George’s, Laura had also been diagnosed with Munchausen syndrome, which is a condition where someone fakes or pretends to be ill. Duncan said: ‘Once more, rather than understanding the chronology of events, this was another psychiatry professional projecting the blame for Laura’s symptoms onto her.’ . . . 

After four weeks at St George’s Hospital, Laura was placed in two psychiatric wards, first at Tolworth Hospital before being moved to Queen Mary’s Hospital. She remained in these hospitals for a further three months. . . . 

Laura felt the experience in the wards was ‘torture.’ She was being put on an ever-changing cocktail of strong medications, and claims they were stopped and started. ‘I was told that I was sectioned and if I refused to take medication I would be forcibly held down and injected with it, despite my repeated pleas,’ Laura said.

Laura said it got to the point where she was on the highest doses of several strong drugs, yet she just spiraled further. So they ‘threatened’ her with electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), she alleges.”

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    • I’m not surprised, it’s not too far from my experience either. One of my former doctors was actually arrested and convicted by the FBI in 2016. He was having lots of well insured people medically unnecessarily shipped long distances to himself, admitting them with – according to my medical records – a non-existent “chronic airway obstruction.”

      Then he had his psychiatric partner “snow” the patients, so they could profiteer off of doing unneeded tracheotomies on people for profit … thankfully I avoided the unneeded tracheotomy. But that psycho psychiatrist illegally harassed me for years, by fraudulently claiming I was her “out-patient,” according to health insurance companies, and harassing phone calls from her lackeys, even after I’d moved out of state.

      But I agree, most lawyers are neglecting to do their jobs … when it comes to the suing the psychiatrists. I couldn’t find a lawyer either.

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