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Prescription Drugs Are the Leading Cause of Death

Overtreatment with drugs kills many people, and the death rate is increasing. Why have we allowed this drug pandemic to continue?

What Is “Care” in a Psychiatric Medical Camp for the Unhoused in India?

Indian doctoral scholar Neha Jain wonders what kind of ‘care’ and ‘help’ are possible in the absence of real consent.

A Felt Sense of Safety – From Disassociation to Embodiment

I know now that I can trust myself and listen to my intuition. Within the mental health system, I trusted everyone but myself.
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Witless and Dangerous? Challenging the Assumptions of the ‘Schizo’ Paradigm

Despite growing awareness that ‘schizophrenia’ is not a scientifically valid concept, the old assumptions still drive clinical practice.
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Tapering Strips: A Practical Tool for Personalised and Safe Tapering of Withdrawal-Causing Prescription Drugs

Tapering strips are one of the practical tools mentioned in the new Maudsley Guidance.
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From the Dopamine Theory to the Outcomes Paradox

Why does long-term use of neuroleptics correlate with poorer social and occupational outcomes?


Northwestern University invites you to participate in the Uplift the Web Challenge to reduce depression. Submissions due by May 1st. 

International online survey on the positive and negative effects of ECT, for patients and their loved ones. Please see here for more information.

On May 4th, please join us for Part II of a popular panel discussion: Supporting Extreme States, Dissociation & Experiences Labeled as Psychosis. 

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All I’ve Got
by Stephanie Salles Bruins

Giving Caregivers a Platform: Meagan, Mother of Matt

A mom describes her son's descent into the harms of psychiatry—and his way out. "It was really difficult to watch Matt decline. He had given up hope that he could get well."

Undisclosed Financial Conflicts of Interest in the DSM-5: An Interview with Lisa Cosgrove and...

On the Mad in America podcast we talk with Lisa Cosgrove and Brian Piper about their BMJ paper entitled "Undisclosed Financial Conflicts of Interest in the DSM-5 TR: Cross-Sectional Analysis"

Deprescribing Psychiatric Drugs to Reduce Harms and Empower Patients: Interview with Psychiatrist Swapnil Gupta

Ayurdhi Dhar interviews psychiatrist Swapnil Gupta on psychiatric drug discontinuation, drug cocktail risks, patient choice, and the need for trust and transparency.

Is Madness an Evolved Signal? Justin Garson on Strategy Versus Dysfunction

Philosopher Justin Garson discusses the potential benefit of looking at madness not as disease or defect, but as a designed feature.
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Depression: Psychiatry’s Discredited Theories and Drugs Versus a Sane Model and Approach

Psychiatry’s depression outcomes are poor because its bio-chemical-electrical treatments are based on a depression model that science has flushed down the toilet.
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“A Dangerous Substance”: The Impact of Social Media on Youth Mental Health

This is what social media does, she says. It draws people in. It hurts people. In the worst cases, it kills people.

Witless and Dangerous? – Challenging some assumptions of the ‘schizo’ paradigm

If the late adolescence/early adulthood period is genuinely ‘critical’ and ‘sensitive’ for still developing brains, then it is precisely this which should make clinicians wary of biochemical interventions!

Handbook of Critical Psychiatry, Chapter 8: Depression and Mania (Affective Disorders)...

When psychiatrists – rarely – acknowledge that the effect of pills is small, they often add that this is not important because patients will benefit from the large placebo effect. This is a common misconception among doctors and is due to a logical error. They think that the placebo effect is the difference before and after in a group of patients treated with placebo, which is not true, as spontaneous improvement is also included in this effect

“Cruelty became fashionable” by Gabriel Hereñú

We invite you to read the poem “Cruelty became fashionable”, a collaboration by Gabriel Hereñú and leave your comments

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