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Critical Psychiatry Textbook, Chapter 2: Are Psychiatric Disorders Mainly Genetic or Environmental? (Part Two)

In this chapter, Peter Gøtzsche discusses the problems with observational studies and other flaws in ADHD research.
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Fernando de Freitas: A “Dear Friend” Who Was a Warrior for Radical Change

Fernando de Freitas, co-founder of Mad in Brasil, passed away January 30. He had devoted his professional life to seeking to transform psychiatric care in Brazil and beyond.
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We Must Not Remove Legal Protections for People at Risk of Forced ECT

Written testimony submitted to the Connecticut State Legislature in opposition to a bill removing legal protections for those at risk of receiving ECT against their will.
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Critical Psychiatry Textbook, Chapter 2: Are Psychiatric Disorders Mainly Genetic or Environmental? (Part One)

Textbooks portray ADHD and schizophrenia as genetic disorders, despite the much stronger evidence for environmental factors.
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“Hidden Valley Road” and Schizophrenia: Do Genes Tell the Story?

The “genetics of mental disorders” story told in Kolker's "Hidden Valley Road" involves omission and misrepresentation of genetic research.
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Critical Psychiatry Textbook, Chapter 1: Why a Critical Textbook of Psychiatry?

The discrepancy between opinion and science is prevalent in psychiatric textbooks. The coming generations of healthcare professionals will learn a lot during their studies that is incorrect.


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