“This Needs to Stop”

Electroshock survivor Nancy Rubstein and professor, author, and antipsychiatry theorist Dr. Bonnie Burstow were recently interviewed for CTV News Channel about Dr. Burstow's new book, The...

Art and Images in Psychiatry

Between 2002 and 2014, JAMA Psychiatry published monthly essays by Dr. James C. Harris exploring the role of visual arts in representing emotional distress, trauma, life...

When You Start Paying Attention to Everyday Sensory Experience

From Aeon: A new video aims to capture the small, abstract moments that make up our inner lives, that would otherwise go ignored or quickly...

Peter Gøtzsche Tells Daily Show, Big Pharma Like Drug Cartels

MIA Foreign Correspondent Peter Gøtzsche, author of the book Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime, was interviewed on Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon...

Sunday Humor: Arguments for “Chemical Imbalance Not Otherwise Specified”

Dr. Methodius Isaac Bonkers of the Bonkers Institute for Nearly Genuine Research puts forth a series of partially incomplete and generally imprecise arguments in...

Sunday Humor: Study Finds Therapy and Antidepressants Equally Effective At Monetizing Depression

-The Onion< reviews a new study that finds gold in them thar patients.

Reading Suggestions for Bibliotherapy

From Notes From a Typewriter: Bibliotherapy, i.e., the use of books in coping with emotional distress, can be a great source of comfort and support. "Reading is...

“Best Antidepressant Ever: Squeaking Adorable Baby Otters”

"This video will make your heart melt with cuteness." Sputnik News →

Sunday Oddity: Stats on Psych Drugs in Hip Hop

Project Know, an addiction education website, has a graphical statistical analysis of mentions of different types of drugs in hip hop music from 1988...

Sunday Exhibit: Photos of Abandoned Asylums

UK photographer Mark Davis spent six years traveling to abandoned former Victorian-era mental institutions and researching their histories and photographing them for his new...

Rethinking Madness: An Integral Vision

From Emerging Proud: Activists from around the world are gearing up for the launch of #EmergingProud, a grassroots social movement with the goal of de-stigmatizing...

Psychological Misconceptions in Movies and TV Shows

This piece for The Learning Scientists lists five misconceptions about psychology and the mind that are commonly portrayed in television and film.

This Mental Health Doc-Opera is Exactly What We Need

From HuffPost: Mental health activist and filmmaker Ken Paul Rosenthal has teamed up with the musician Madigan Shive to create a musical documentary called Whisper Rapture:...

The Onion: “‘Seek Funding’ Step Added To Scientific Method”

"After making an observation and forming a hypothesis as usual, the new third step of the scientific method will now require researchers to embark upon an exhaustive search for corporate or government financing,” the satirical news site the Onion “reports.” “Next, scientists simply modify their study’s goals to align with the vision of potential funders and wait for several months to hear back. At this point—should this step be successful, of course—they can move on to the experimental stage, and then to analysis.”

“Study on ‘Bah Humbug Syndrome’ Offers Cautionary Tale”

“Throughout the world, we estimate that millions of people are prone to displaying Christmas spirit deficiencies after many years of celebrating Christmas,” write the...

Sunday Satire or Not? Nostalgia Disorder & the Future of Psychiatric Innovation

-A satirical post about "nostalgia disorder" by a medical student looks a lot like the real thing.

The Empathy Machine

From Aeon: We typically think of empathy as an emotions-based state that involves feeling another's distress or joy. However, cognitive, rationalist empathy involving reasoned perspective-taking may...

The Mad Music of Seeing Sounds and Hearing Light

-Paintings by an artist who has synesthesia, and a study that found no brain-based evidence to support it being a "disorder."

“Dear Disability or Disease…” — What Would You Write?

-Julio Salazar shares a letter that he addresses to his "PTSD, OCD and Depression," and invites others to submit theirs.

“New Anti-Drug Program Teaches Teens To Resist Psychiatrist’s Constant Pressure To Use Drugs”

The satirical news site the Onion took aim at psychiatrists and overprescribing to children and adolescents last week with this headline.  “A lot of...

“Stop Calling Trump ‘Crazy.’ It Demeans Those With Mental Illness.”

Patrick Kennedy writes in the Washington Post "we ought to stop casually throwing around terms like 'crazy' in this campaign and our daily lives. The president of...

FDA Approves Drug for the Annoyingly Cheerful (The Onion)

From The Onion: "Made by Pfizer, Despondex is the first drug designed to treat the symptoms of excessive perkiness." Video →­

“’Spectre’ Villain Fails Neuroanatomy in Latest Bond Film”

Neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Cusimano published a commentary in Nature explaining that the latest Bond villain placed his robotic drill in the wrong location in his attempt to destroy 007’s memory of faces.

I’m Sorry I Was Being So Crazy While You Treated Me Like Shit

From Reductress: "Let me just start this by saying I am so sorry I have been acting so crazy lately; I don’t know what’s gotten...

Sunday Humor: Ask Your Doctor

PharmaGossip has published a couple of comics, "Ask Your Doctor" and "Drug Trials." No spoilers before the jump. There's also a 90-minute documentary on how...