“New Anti-Drug Program Teaches Teens To Resist Psychiatrist’s Constant Pressure To Use Drugs”

The satirical news site the Onion took aim at psychiatrists and overprescribing to children and adolescents last week with this headline.  “A lot of...

Sunday Humor: Ask Your Doctor

PharmaGossip has published a couple of comics, "Ask Your Doctor" and "Drug Trials." No spoilers before the jump. There's also a 90-minute documentary on how...

“How James Bond is Helping Mental Health Diagnosis”

“The paper, The  psychopathology of James Bond, and its implications for the revision of the DSM-007, has just won first prize in the Australian Medical Journal's...

Sunday Humor: British Medical Journal’s Annual Christmas Issue

The British Medical Journal's annual Christmas issue includes a paper examining the relative idiocy of the genders based on twenty years of the Darwin...

Rethinking Madness: An Integral Vision

From Emerging Proud: Activists from around the world are gearing up for the launch of #EmergingProud, a grassroots social movement with the goal of de-stigmatizing...

To the Bone: The Trouble With Anorexia on Film

From The Atlantic: The new Netflix film To the Bone, which tells the story of a woman's struggle with anorexia, reflects our culture's morbid fascination and...

Saturday Night Music: A Bridge Over Diagnosis

-Satirist and scientist James McCormack and his band return with a parody of Simon & Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Pharma CEO Says he can Stop Profiting off Opioid Epidemic

From The Onion: "Visibly trembling as he wiped beads of perspiration from his forehead, Arcelis Pharmaceuticals CEO Paul Corrier told reporters Wednesday that he could...

Reading Suggestions for Bibliotherapy

From Notes From a Typewriter: Bibliotherapy, i.e., the use of books in coping with emotional distress, can be a great source of comfort and support. "Reading is...

“A Pharmacy Handed Out Antipsychotic Meds to Kids on Halloween”

A Quebec City pharmacy claims it accidentally mixed antipsychotic drug pills into a candy basket that was distributed to trick-or-treating children.

Sunday Humor: Comedian Maria Bamford

New York Times Magazine has published a portrait of Maria Bamford including a video interview and clips from her comedy shows and television appearances....

Watch: SNL Advertises “Abilify for Candidates”

Saturday Night Live presents and advertisement for a drug that can “destroy the damaged part of the brain that says, ‘I’m going to be...

The Persistence of the Radioactive Bogeyman

From Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Since 1950, a noteworthy number of American and European horror movies have used radiation as a plot device. The...

Artistic Depictions of Madness Through History

-A historical article by MIA Blogger Andrew Scull in The Paris Review includes early artistic depictions of madness.

The Truth is Out There: The Philosophy of the X-Files

From Big Think: The X-Files, a popular TV show from the 1990's, explores the philosophy of science, delving into questions about what constitutes quality science. While one...

Throwback Thursday: The Daily Show on the Pharmaceutical Drug Epidemic

On The Daily Show, Michael Che interviews MIA contributor Peter GĂžtzsche and discovers that pharmaceutical companies and drug cartels have more in common than one might think.

Birthday Letter: Sylvia Plath and “Daddy”

In this piece for The Paris Review, Belinda McKeon analyzes the poetry and letters Sylvia Plath wrote in the few months just before her suicide.

Sunday Oddity: Psychotropic Drug Ads from the Past

Misbehaving children, anxious housewives, and a man's happy Quaalude-created morning with his family highlight a random collection of psychotropic drug advertisements from the past...

Sunday Humor: Arguments for “Chemical Imbalance Not Otherwise Specified”

Dr. Methodius Isaac Bonkers of the Bonkers Institute for Nearly Genuine Research puts forth a series of partially incomplete and generally imprecise arguments in...

Sunday History Channel: Mindcraft Journeys into Hypnotism

The Wellcome Collection has produced a six-part digital story about the rise to popularity of mesmerism and hypnotism in the 1800s, and their fall...

“Best Antidepressant Ever: Squeaking Adorable Baby Otters”

"This video will make your heart melt with cuteness." Sputnik News →

It’s Easy to Get Caught Up in Constructing Our Selves

In this video for Aeon, clinical psychologist Daniel Brown discusses the ways that the construction of a fixed selfhood can limit the possibilities of our...

Sunday Music: “Even Out of Severe Depression There Comes Insight”

Maria Popova provides some excerpts about music, madness and therapy from the new book, Joni Mitchell: In Her Own Words, from the iconic Canadian...

“Stop Calling Trump ‘Crazy.’ It Demeans Those With Mental Illness.”

Patrick Kennedy writes in the Washington Post "we ought to stop casually throwing around terms like 'crazy' in this campaign and our daily lives. The president of...

“Dear Disability or Disease…” — What Would You Write?

-Julio Salazar shares a letter that he addresses to his "PTSD, OCD and Depression," and invites others to submit theirs.