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Essays by a diverse group of writers, in the United States and abroad, engaged in rethinking psychiatry. (The directory of personal stories can be found here, and initiatives here).

Yet Another Disappointment: First Catie, and Now the 12-Month Results from TEOSS

The NIMH's CATIE trial of antipsychotics for adult schizophrenia is regularly understood to have shown that atypical antipsychotics are "no better" than the old...

Update on the Star*D Report

Two months ago, I wrote a post about a New Yorker article that reported that 67% of the depressed patients in the STAR*D trial...

A Schizophrenia Mystery Solved?

One of the enduring mysteries in schizophrenia research circles has been the disparity in outcomes between schizophrenia patients in "developing countries" and those in...

Time Magazine and Anatomy of an Epidemic

As I expected, Anatomy of an Epidemic is turning out to be a controversial book. A nice review in New Scientist magazine, a thrashing...

Hypotheses, Scientific Evidence, and On Being Compared to an AIDS Denier

In today’s Boston Globe (April 14), Dr. Dennis Rosen, a pediatric lung and sleep specialist at Children’s Hospital in Boston, reviews my new book,...

Story-Telling in the Age of Corporate Medicine (or more on being called an AIDS...

As a journalist, I long have been fascinated by reporting on the storytelling forces within American medicine that create societal understanding of the merits...

Fact Checking the New Yorker, Part Two

In his March 1 article in the New Yorker, Louis Menand wrote that the NIMH's STAR*D trial showed that antidepressants produced a 67% recovery...

Fact Checking the New Yorker

In the March 1 issue of the New Yorker, Louis Menand surveyed the topsy-turvy world of treatments for depression, writing in part of the...

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