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‘What If Yale Finds Out?’

From The Washington Post: Suicidal students are pressured to withdraw from Yale, then have to apply to get back into the university.

No Evidence for Psychiatry’s Depression Claims, Report Three 2022 Research Reviews

From CounterPunch: The public has routinely heard proclamations that depression is a neurobiological phenomenon or brain disease, but recent major research reviews refute these claims.
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6 Good Things That Happened When I Stopped Believing in ‘Mental Health’

The pursuit of mental health had made me mad. After 12 years, I quit Prozac and found a new psychoanalytic therapist. Life changed, almost overnight.

Out of the Prison of Self-Blame | Alice Miller

From How can people love themselves if the message that they were not worth loving was drummed into them at an early stage?

Breaking Academia’s Silence on Inpatient Psychiatry: An Interview with Researcher Morgan Shields

Morgan Shields discussed her experiences in inpatient psychiatry and her efforts to bring patient-centered care to this oft-neglected field.
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Are We Witnessing the Emergence of a New Paradigm?

Increasing numbers of people are finding the perspective that sees mental distress as an isolated, static category, fixed within a biological predisposition or malfunction, to be insufficient.

‘Surviving Antidepressants’ Video Chat Event With Brooke Siem, Author of ‘May Cause Side Effects’

From Surviving Antidepressants: Join the live video chat on Friday, November 11 to learn about Siem's new book, the first memoir on antidepressant withdrawal to hit the mass-market.
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The Serotonin Zombie: Authors of New Study Try to Breathe New Life into the...

Despite new claims that their study provides "clear evidence" linking serotonin and depression, their data actually supports the opposite conclusion: serotonin levels did not correlate with depression.

Anders Sørensen – Tackling Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Through Research and in Practice

Anders Sørenson is a Danish clinical psychologist with a special interest in psychiatric drug withdrawal. He has undertaken research which assesses the state of guidance on psychiatric drug withdrawal and paid close attention to tapering methods with the aim of identifying approaches which might make withdrawal more tolerable for people.

‘Committable’ Podcast: What Is 988, How Does It Work, and What Has Changed?

From Committable: The Committable podcast interviews Aneri Pattani, Rob Wipond, and Yana Calou about 988, the new national suicide and crisis line.

Healing From Transgenerational Trauma: My Mum, My Daughter, & Me

Emotional trauma is the type of wound that, if not processed and integrated, can become a void that expands to swallow not just the traumatized person but also their children and grandchildren.

Delta ‘Weaponized’ Mental Health Rules Against a Pilot. She Fought Back

From The Seattle Times: After a first officer raised some safety concerns, Delta management removed her from service, alleging mental health issues. She fought a legal battle that resulted Friday in a scathing ruling against the company.
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Why Detox Facilities and Psych Wards Are Not the Place to Come Off Psychiatric...

In online communities, patients learn their strange symptoms may be due to the medications they are taking, and are offered solutions that provide hope.

Antidepressant Tapering Platform ‘Outro’ Launches in Canada Ahead of World Tapering Day

From Business Wire: "We are providing a science-based and holistic way to help people safely stop antidepressants while minimizing withdrawal symptoms and risk of relapsing," said Outro co-founder Mark Horowitz.

Who Gets Believed: Abuse in Mental Health Services

From NSUN: We need to have a conversation about power, the systematic silencing of survivor testimony, and the weaponisation of mental ill-health, trauma, and distress to discredit and further coerce people.
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The “S” Word: How the Culture of Fear Has Failed Youth in Crises

I learned at a young age that my suicidal thoughts and feelings would be met with panic and punishment from adults.

When Psychotherapists Are Less Healthy Than Their Clients

From Daniel Mackler: It is common for therapy clients to be healthier than their therapists, for two reasons: clients are often humble whereas therapists often are not; and clients are often actively grappling with their feelings whereas many therapists are stuck in dissociation from theirs.

Arizona Farm Gives Refuge From Pain, for Man and Beast Alike

From AP News: There is no talk at Selah Carefarm of ending the pain of loss, just of building the emotional muscle to handle it.

How Big Pharma Monetized Depression

From UnHerd: We have organized our thinking, and care, around a narrative of medical progress that isn’t to be found in the scientific literature.
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From the Health Minister Down, Nobody Is Seriously Interested in the Quality Control of...

The ultimate metric is whether psychological treatment makes a real-world difference to client’s lives. But the data cannot answer this key question.

A Review of Alice Miller’s ‘The Body Never Lies: The Lingering Effects of Cruel...

From Khamsi, PhD: For thousands of years, the Fourth Commandment - along with our personal denial of early maltreatment - has led us toward repression, emotional detachment, illness and suicide.
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The Problem of High Functioning Anxiety

We have accepted that the busier we keep ourselves, the happier we can expect our lives to be. "Acceptable behavior" is defined by increased productivity across all aspects of life.

Antidepressant Withdrawal Linked to Suicide Attempt in Case Study

Researchers suggest that antidepressant withdrawal can be a possible precipitant of suicide.

ADHD Diagnosis Leads to Worse Quality of Life, Increased Self-Harm in Kids

When comparing kids with the same symptoms who were either diagnosed with ADHD or not, those who received the diagnosis had worse outcomes.

‘Psychology Is’ Podcast: The Scientific Emptiness of Psychiatry, With Dr. David Cohen

From Psychology Is: The field is comprised of psychiatrists who primarily act as drug prescribers and justify their practices on the basis of "silly theories that are continually refuted," said the UCLA professor.

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