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The Reckoning in Psychiatry Over Protracted Antidepressant Withdrawal

Medically-induced harm—affecting tens of millions of people worldwide—has taken the field decades to take seriously.

Tapered Antipsychotic Withdrawal Mitigates Risk of Psychotic Symptoms

Research suggests that slowly tapering off an antipsychotic reduces the risk of withdrawal psychosis compared to abrupt discontinuation.

Questions About Forced ECT: A Letter for Minnesota Governor Tim Walz

If Minnesota is going to mandate ECT for people like Charles Helmer, there are at least 20 questions they need to consider before proceeding.

Racial Microaggressions Take a Major Toll on Black Americans

From The Washington Post: Subtle, everyday forms of mistreatment and discrimination have a major impact on psychological and physical health.

It’s In Your Head: Why Reducing All Problems to ‘Mental Health Issues’ Hurts Humanity

From RT: The framing of an increasing array of social issues in mental health terms raises important questions about how we are being asked to think about the problems that face us.

Review: “(Mis)Diagnosed: How Bias Distorts Our Perception of Mental Health”

Psychiatric diagnoses can be shaped by prejudice, reflecting biases that ignore trauma, diminish populations, and invalidate humanity and experience.

Cops Criminalize Protest; Psychiatrists Medicalize It

From Susan Rosenthal: It doesn’t help to replace one form of oppression with another. Like the police, the ‘mental health industry’ is built on discrimination.

Letters to My Doctors (Part 3)

Rape is to Love what Bombs are to Peace and what Behavioral Eugenics are to Mental Health. So I choose noncompliance with psychiatric force.

Psychiatry and the Counterculture: An Interview with Health Historian Lucas Richert

Richard Sears interviews pharmaceutical industry scholar Lucas Richert about American counterculture and psychiatry in the 1970s.

Federal Mental Health Agencies: Remember Ivory!

Ivory McCuen needed warmth and a home the night she died. Court-ordered psychiatric drugs deliver neither warmth nor a home. Federal agencies need to consider people with lived experience.
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Soteria House and Peer Respite Summit

Rethinking Psychiatry and MindFreedom International convene the first International Peer Respite and Soteria Summit: Creating Compassionate Alternatives for People in Crisis and Distress.
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Stop Saying This, Part Four: Does Time Heal All Wounds?

In part four of this series, Megan Wildhood takes on the tropes of "That's not about you," "The outer world is a reflection of your inner world," "I didn't mean to," and "Time heals all wounds."

Jill Nickens – The Akathisia Alliance for Education and Research

This week on the Mad in America podcast we turn our attention to prescription-drug-induced akathisia and joining me to discuss this is Jill Nickens. Jill is the president and founder of the Akathisia Alliance for Education and Research, a nonprofit organization formed by people who have personal experience of akathisia.

Flying Over Australia’s Cuckoo’s Nest: A Review of “Overprescribing Madness”

"Overprescribing Madness" explains how our sane social, political-economic distress responses have become medicalized into a mental illness epidemic.

The Problem With Mental Health Awareness

From The Nation: Campaigns telling people to become “aware” and “reach out” are, at best, an incorrect diagnosis of the problem and at worst, gaslighting.

Trieste’s World-Famous Community Mental Health Program Under Attack

From MindSite News: The appointment of Pierfranco Trincas as director of the Barcola mental health center in Trieste, Italy, has set alarm bells ringing among supporters of this unique system of community mental health.

Leading Psychology in Existential Times: An Interview with Kirk Schneider

MIA’s Justin Karter interviews humanistic-existential psychologist Kirk Schneider about how psychology can play a role in confronting the political, social, and climate crises facing humankind.
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A Dystopian Vision of Psychiatry’s Future

As a psychiatric survivor, I was stunned to see a medical professional describe a dystopian nightmare as a vision of progress for psychiatric medicine.

‘French Psychiatry Has Gone Downhill in Part Because of American Influence’

From France 24: "Human beings are born with a search for meaning that can’t be suppressed by an injection of antipsychotic drugs or a few anti-depressants," said one Parisian child psychiatrist.

Chinese Philosophy Has Long Known That Mental Health Is Communal

From Psyche: Often overlooked are the ways in which social norms, cultural beliefs and communal attitudes contribute to mental illness.
Helena Hansen

Combatting Structural Racism and Classism in Psychiatry: An Interview with Helena Hansen

MIA interviews psychiatrist and anthropologist Helena Hansen about bringing structural competency to psychiatry while rebuilding communities.

‘The Mad Women’s Ball’ Explores a Dark Era of Medical History

From CNN: A new French Amazon film follows the story of a young woman committed to the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in 19th-century Paris for her non-conforming and spiritual ways.

Why I Can Never ‘Recover’ Under NHS Mental Health Services

From Psychiatry Is Driving Me Mad: I cannot ‘recover’ in this abusive, controlling, life-threatening environment. I can only try and remain safe, while hoping to survive it.
Evan Durst Kreeger

Jinxed: The Persecution of Evan Durst Kreeger

I am very concerned that Evan is about to be devoured by psychiatry's maw. Things could be different if Evan were able to hire an attorney or attorneys to deal with all of these different legal actions coming at him and otherwise protect his interests such as sue the trustees for their unconscionable actions, but as I have indicated, his trustees have cut off his money so he can't hire such an attorney or attorneys.
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Canadian Mental Health Legislation and the CRPD

Psychiatric survivors in Canada tell the UN that Canada is not complying with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

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