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Now Doctors Want to Screen EVERY American Child Over Age of Eight for Anxiety

From the Daily Mail: Experts said the new recommendations could spur a surge in the use of anti-anxiety medications, which, some fear, are already at the center of a budding addiction crisis in the US.
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A New-Old Way of Coping with Grief

"How to Grieve" is a Renaissance recreation of a lost text from ancient Rome by Cicero, and it’s meant for a wide audience. It's packed with talk-therapy strategies for coping with grief.

Can You Punish a Child’s Mental Health Problems Away?

From The New York Times: Future generations will look back on the tactics used in the troubled teen industry and ask: How did we allow these practices to pass off as mental health treatment for so long?
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The Spravato Controversy: A Row Over the Drug’s Efficacy Compels a Reassessment of...

The UK's drug regulator rejected Janssen's esketamine nasal spray. Why did the US FDA approve it?

Jim Flannery: Sorry It’s Not Funny – Comedy, Hip-Hop and Activism

Born and raised in suburban Weathersfield, Connecticut, Jim Flannery was committed at four mental hospitals across the United States. There he received the best care available in the modern world

What I Wish I Had Known Before I Stopped Taking Antidepressants, and Before I...

From the Washington Examiner: I learned the hard way that doctors can be remarkably casual about things patients can’t afford to be when it comes to putting people on, and taking them off, antidepressants.

The Social Side of Health: How Reducing Inequality Can Improve Health Outcomes for Americans

From Pulte Institute for Global Development: "We treat despair, addiction, obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease at the molecular level with all these drugs sold by all these big pharma companies," says neuroscientist Peter Sterling, but "it's not bringing us health."
Jean-Martin Charcot Demonstrating Hysteria in a Patient

Psychiatry’s Nightmarish 2022 & Its Hysterical Defense Against Criticism

Psychiatry's defenders are open to criticism of psychiatry as long as it stops short of acknowledging the increasingly well-documented reality that psychiatry lacks any scientific merit.

Women More Likely to Be Prescribed Anti-Anxiety Drugs ‘Harder to Come Off Than Heroin’

From The Independent: "I would never take [benzodiazepines] again," said Fiona French, who took them for several decades. "Any drug that can cause that degree of intolerable suffering is a bad drug."
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The Answers Are in Our Weak Spots

When looking at your own weak spots as a therapist, it would be a safe bet to first consider how you can improve your skills in developing a stronger alliance.

Long Term Antidepressant Use Associated With Increased Morbidity and Mortality

A study finds that commonly prescribed antidepressants are associated with the development of diabetes, hypertension, and other diseases.

The Hidden Epidemic of Sexual Dysfunction Experts Are Blaming on SSRI Antidepressants

From The Daily Mail: Patients on antidepressants are not being warned of the risk that the pills could permanently ruin their sex lives, experts say.

Routine Anxiety Screenings Will Cause Overdiagnosis, Overprescription, Psychologist Warns

From Fox News: "You can’t just carve the world into 'disorders' and think you’re doing an adequate job of determining someone’s mental health needs," said UCSF professor Dr. Jonathan Shedler.
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Grief, Intense Feelings, and Pathologization: Can We Conceive a Different Approach?

We still try to shove every kind of emotion into a neatly organized box, give it a label, maybe even an accompanying medicine to make it neat and predictable.
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Health Risks to Babies When Antidepressants Used During Pregnancy

Babies born to mothers taking antidepressants during pregnancy were more than six times as likely to have neonatal withdrawal syndrome—including breathing problems, irritability/agitation, tremors, feeding problems, and seizures—than those born to mothers taking other types of drugs.

Dr. Gabor Maté on the Truth About ADHD and Anxiety | The Joe Rogan...

From The Joe Rogan Experience: "The so-called experts say that ADHD is 'the most heritable mental illness there is,'" says renowned physician Gabor Maté. "But I say, it's neither an illness, nor is it heritable."

Our Addiction to Control Is Enslaving Us

From Uplift: Our attempts to control both ourselves and the world around us lead to a kind of slavery, where we are both the slave and the slavemaster at the same time.

‘Toxic Culture’ of Abuse at Mental Health ‘Hospital’ Revealed by BBC Secret Filming

From the BBC: Humiliated, abused and isolated for weeks - patients are being harmed due to a 'toxic culture' at one of the UK's biggest mental health 'hospitals.'

Mental Health & Our Schools, Part 2

Schools are rolling out programs and services intended to safeguard students’ emotional well-being. They are full of potential—and pitfalls.

‘People Have the Ability to Heal and to Let Go. Healers Help You With...

From the Los Angeles Times: "From an Indigenous point of view everything is a teacher, a spirit, if you will. So we ask what the so-called depression or anxiety tells us and where is it coming from." ~ Jerry Tello
Seated among others at a town hall meeting, an older adult white woman raises her hand

20 Concrete Steps to Achieving System Change

I offer the following 20 suggestions for advocates who want to get something done and not just vent their quite justifiable criticisms of the mental health system.
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An Illness, or Risky Experimentation?

Questioning is what I did, but once I started questioning so much of what I had learned and of what my identity had been, it wasn’t obvious to me where I should stop.

Defund Social Workers: Cops by Another Name

From The New Republic: If you measure in terms of the power to coerce, surveil, and inflict lasting harm, social workers are, thanks to the nature of the job, cops by another name.

‘Speaking Grief’ Documentary Asks, ‘What if We Got Better at Grief?’

From WPSU Creative Services: What would happen if we could speak the truth about our pain, and hear the truth about other people's pain? What if we got better at grief?
A black and white photo of Andrew Rich

In Andrew’s Honor: Attorney Elizabeth Rich’s Fight Against Unjust Commitments

Anyone detained and then formally committed under Wisconsin’s civil mental health laws can initially be held and forcibly drugged for six long months. Yet, for years, not a single person has been able to appeal the six-month commitments in court.

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