Joshua Gordon Wants to Remake Mental Health Care

From Undark Magazine: Joshua Gordon, the new director of the National Institute of Mental Health, plans to invest heavily in brain research; he hopes to...

“What Are Delusions – And How Best Can We Treat Them?”

For The Conversation, psychologist John Done, from the University of Hertfordshire, explains his approach to discussing delusions with his patients. Done recommends more qualitative...

“Mental Illness Mostly Caused by Life Events Not Genetics, Argue Psychologists”

According to psychologists, “mental illness is largely caused by social crises such as unemployment or childhood abuse.” If this is so, why are we...

“Suppressing Traumatic Memories Can Cause Amnesia, Research Suggests”

Research on how the suppression of traumatic memories can reduce our ability to form new memories has implications for such controversial trauma-related phenomena as...

“Programs Expand Schizophrenic Patients’ Role in Their Own Care”

Benedict Carey at the New York Times covers the push for new programs that emphasize supportive services, therapy, school and work assistance, and family education, rather than simply drug treatment.

Developing Alternatives to the DSM for Psychotherapists

A new article suggests counselors and psychotherapists are dissatisfied with current diagnostic systems and outlines some potential alternatives.

“Maybe You Need Meds”: From Passive Patient to Finding My Voice

I made journaling non-negotiable. I started sitting in nature and running trails. I practiced being present and prioritized sleep. These things are often seen as what you do if your problems aren’t really that bad. But to me, these are the things I do to save myself every day.

The Effects of Practicing Psychotherapy on Therapists’ Personal Lives

A new study, published in Psychotherapy Research, explores how having a career in psychotherapy affects therapists’ personal lives.

Telephone Therapy is Effective for Depression

A study of 325 Chicago-area patients with major depression, published today in the Journal of American Medical Association, finds that cognitive behavioral therapy administered...

What Happens When Therapists Reveal Their Own Inner Struggles?

-Counselor and artist Sara Nash asks whether its good that she rarely shares her own experiences of inner pain when she talks to college students about suicidal ideation.

Does Online Therapy Actually Work?

From The Huffington Post: Research suggests that online therapy may be just as effective as in-person therapy for some mental health conditions. Article →­

New Data Supports Acupuncture as a Treatment for Depression

Researchers found acupuncture effective in the treatment of chronic pain and depression

Review of Evidence for Non-Pharmacological Treatment of Depressive Disorders

Researchers in Germany review and evaluate the evidence for non-pharmacological treatment of depressive disorders, finding an "adequate level of evidence" for psychotherapeutic intervention, marital/couples/family...