Mosquito Mind by Adele Leahy

I question am I the only one? With an unkind mosquito mind. My mental health is a sham. As I abhor who I am. My pseudo happiness, pretending...

self-portrait as frankenstein’s monster by Jasmine Marshall

self-portrait as frankenstein’s monster we are mortal beings. you can’t destigmatize a condition constructed on a foundation of bigotry. environmental stimulus incites evolutionary response: emotion, nature’s behavior-motivation...

The centipede (peace on Earth) by Jeremy Nathan Marks

In a basement classroom paid for by the leftovers from a public budget an instructor teaches refugees English she says her first tongue is pidgin and laughs like...

Meditations in the Garden of Good and Evil by John-Arthur Ingram

October 15th 3:54am Holiday Inn Express Room 321 or 123 I. I am death. I am life. I am Satan. I am God. I am predator. I am...

The Argives Unmedicated by David Penner

And so Antilochus smote Echepolus, Thrusting a spear into his brain, the Trojan Gazing at the azure ether, then crashing Towards the dark; lunging at his foe,...

The Art Forger by Larry Lefkowitz

Fogarty's life changed when he discovered Daniel. Daniel had realized he would never be more than a so-so painter, but he discovered he had...


When I think about a 24-hour day I know I am going to have ongoing obsessional thoughts coupled with observations that constantly spring forth in my mind all throughout the daylight. It’s like...

The Great Experiment by Barbara Summers

"Dear Mum, Looks like the dizziness I was having and rainbow vision is something worse than "Silent Migraines", I may have to have an operation....

To Live and (Almost) Die in L.A.: A Survivor’s Tale

After 25 years of chronic emergency, 22 mental hospitalizations, a stint at a “community mental health center,” 13 years in a "board & care," repeated withdrawals from addictions to legal drugs, and a 12-year marriage, I plan to live every last breath out as a survivor, an advocate, and an artist.

FOR OVER 27 YEARS NOW by Adam Slosberg

And so, a new morning begins. The same way. Every day. For over 27 years now. Fear. Fear the police will break down my door....

Let’s Talk by Howard Kaplan

I'm right there with you so, let's talk, in a way. We can start by talking to the air, since you and I can’t be here or...

The Day I Became Schizophrenic

Schizophrenia, to me, is nothing more than a word. All it really means is that you experience psychosis on a regular enough basis that it’s a factor in your life. And that you actually do, as the word “schizophrenia” indicates, have a mind that you share with some sort of outside presence.

An American SHAMe by Marci Webber

There was never “an American dream” Only a nightmare, so it seems. Such an innocent girl full of belief In a country from which she now seeks relief.

Third Eye by Katarina Bucic

A secret city exists in your mind, where left brain and right brain bind. In the center of your eyes, but hidden behind, where your consciousness is aligned. The source of awareness for mankind

The Shadows by Hannah E

I’ve lived a life of deep pain, sorrow and suffering. I’ve lived a life of light with the capacity to shine at every angle...

Bazooka Joe at the Shoe Store by Zak Mucha

Walking past a construction site and through the creosote cloud of a childhood shoe store, a kid embarrassed by the clerk’s gift of a hard square of...

It is January 20th by Jessica Lowell Mason

The doctor is calling. She says to you, without saying, tell me what I want to hear, verify the hastiness of all my generalizations, the quick imprecise diagnoses and the bias-based confirmations,

Fractured Soul Factory by K.G. Munro

Many of us are broken before we can even see the cracks As we walk blindly through life Enduring the fear and hatred that we are steeped in...

A Middle Finger to Oppression and DBT by Rebecca Donaldson

She (my psychologist) didn’t like me, and I don’t know why I guess it’s not okay to wish to die I was told by society I...

Poetry by Kris

All is the self The world where it is felt What’s around what’s within Simple the mind of which integrates let be without To listen when it is loud Less...

Fuck You by T.O. Walker

I won't be The right type Of victim. I won't be the Quiet type Of victim.

don’t let another summer by Ivory Kaufman

don’t let the trees bloom green again while I lie drugged and still in bed don’t let the world explode with color while I see only gray...

I WON by Atara Schimmel

i attended your funeral today in fact i was the one yes, won that organized it

A Therapeutic Environment by Ann Bracken

I bring a small basket of flowers for my friend in the psych unit, the nurse buzzes me in. She silently yanks the plastic card-holder, then chides me, It has a pointy end. My friend tells me later, “No one gets flowers here.”

Dear Doctor by Carley T.

Dear Doctor, No breath left in my body I'm writing, trying to think Something which doesn't speak Of the craziness I see inside Tap tap tap I can hear...