Friday, May 20, 2022
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Interview with Sonja Styblo: Update on the Massachusetts Benzo Bill

Styblo discusses the history of the Benzodiazepine Bill, its current status, the purpose of the legislation, and why she and others have so vigorously pursued this legislation.

Calif. Man Seeks to Overturn Conviction, Alleging Adverse SSRI Reaction

Benjamin Bathen was convicted in 2018 of making criminal threats to his former therapist, but he says his behavior was caused by the medication she had urged him to take.

False Positives in Brain Imaging, Unpublished and Missing Trials, and Conflicts of Interest

In our Science News podcast, Peter Simons reports on false positives in brain imaging, unpublished and missing trials, conflicts of interest and more.

The Impact the DSM Has Had On All of Us: An interview with Sarah...

"You're not going to sell many drugs by saying your problem is your life experiences. It's far more effective to say your problem is in the brain. It's an imbalance, we can correct that imbalance, just take our product."

Mental Wellbeing Poorest in English-Speaking Countries of the World

A survey of 233,087 “internet users” in 34 countries that measured “mental wellbeing” found that the percentage of respondents who were “distressed or struggling” was highest in English-speaking regions of the world, where 30% fell into this category.

Breaking Off My Chemical Romance: Reassessing Antidepressants

From The Nation: Some medical professionals are concluding what until recently felt too heretical to say out loud: Antidepressants may often cause more harm than good.

Making Therapy Harder: When Corporate Forces Interfere with Therapy

From PsiAN (Psychotherapy Action Network): The psychotherapy profession must take a firm stand against interference with therapy wherever possible, whether from agency expectations, insurance companies, or certain legal & governmental policies.
An illustration of a doctor running after a brain.

The ENIGMA-MDD Project: Searching for the Neuropathology of “Major Depressive Disorder”

There's an old saying in research: "garbage in; garbage out". Research based on invalid concepts or false assumptions will produce invalid conclusions.

ADHD Drugs Are Convenient to Get Online. Maybe Too Convenient

From Bloomberg Businessweek: Backed by SoftBank and promoted by Simone Biles, Cerebral has built the fastest-growing online mental health business. Former employees say the rapid expansion comes at the expense of patient care.

Anti-Psychiatry, Szasz, Torrey, Biederman & the Death of Freethinking

Americans appear to be increasingly terrified by the possibility of ostracism, including for failing to conform to psychiatry dogma. This prevents critical thinking.

Illnesses or Loose Collections of Vaguely Described Problems?

What's needed at this time are not glib, inane rejoinders, but an honest scrutiny by psychiatrists of their fundamental assumptions and methods.
Photo of a cassette tape with the words "Robert Spitzer, Feb 22, 2006" on the label

Robert Spitzer on DSM-III: A Recently Recovered Interview

Robert Spitzer, chair of the Task Force for DSM-III, discusses his decisions on inclusion, exclusion, expansion, and renaming disorders in the manual.

The Unveiling of the Truth: A Journey Into the Invisible World

It is through the experience of suffering that God educates us with the knowledge of the heart that He alone holds the key to.

Medicating Preschoolers for ADHD: How “Evidence-Based” Psychiatry Has Led to a Tragic End

The prescribing of stimulants to preschoolers diagnosed with ADHD is on the rise, which is said to be an "evidence-based" practice. A review of that "evidence base" reveals that claims that ADHD is characterized by genetic and brain abnormalities are belied by the data, and that the NIMH trial of methylphenidate in this age group told of long-term harm.

Depression: Compulsive Self-Deception | Alice Miller

From Depression is not a form of suffering that relates to the present; instead it is caused by the separation from one’s own self, abandoned early on, never mourned for, and accordingly doomed to despair and death.

Fairness, Justice, and Childhood Trauma | Daniel Mackler

From Daniel Mackler/Wild Truth: Unresolved trauma tends to twist people's sense of fairness and justice because they lose perspective on where they are and who they are in relation to other people.

The Danger of Marginalizing People

Instead of increasing understanding of our differences, the mental health system contributes to the marginalization of people it classifies as mentally ill.
Two photos. On the left, a woman cries while holding a phone to her ear. On the right, two police officers peer into the glass door of a home.

Roll-out of 988 Threatens Anonymity of Crisis Hotlines

Even after their own advisory committee criticized call tracing, leaders of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline have been lobbying government for cutting-edge mass surveillance and tracking technology. Privacy experts are raising concerns.
Photo: selective focus on the word "psychiatry" in a dictionary

Why Is Psychiatry So Defensive About Criticism?

Although I disagree with much of Dr. Aftab's article, it is, nevertheless, a courageous piece of writing. He calls out many of psychiatry's contradictions and errors.

Feds Open Investigation of SC Group Homes for Adults With ‘Mental Illness’

From The Post and Courier: "Most of them, they’re horrible. It’s nowhere that you would ever want your family member to be," said Kimberly Tissot, executive director of Able SC.

When It Comes to Mental Health Problems, The Disability Framework Fails: A Response to...

A response to the thought-provoking comments and concerns on the previous blog, furthering the discussion about disability and mental disorder.

For Life: Opera on Psychiatry and Its Drugs

An interview with composer Dawn Sonntag and librettist Kermit Cole about their new opera about the harms that can come from psychiatric drugs.

When Tapering Antidepressants, is Going Slow Always the Best Strategy?

Do we take enough account of total drug exposure time when devising antidepressant tapering strategies?

Dear Doctor (Unsent Letters) by Rose Yesha

Dear Doctor, Can we please rewind, slip back in time? To the first time that we spoke. You say you don’t remember me It’s no trouble, Let’s refresh your memory I’m...

Tragic Schoolboy Was Prescribed Huge Increase in Anti-Depressants

From Belfast Telegraph: Johnny Shields, 14, who tragically took his own life had been prescribed up to a 700% increase of controversial anti-depressant drugs in the months leading up to his death.

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