Hard of Hearing by Francis Fernandes

I kept telling her that Carsten Dahl is not Carson Dyle for the obvious reason the former doodles Danish bebop on the piano with a sort of...

Is Madness an Evolved Signal? Justin Garson on Strategy Versus Dysfunction

Philosopher Justin Garson discusses the potential benefit of looking at madness not as disease or defect, but as a designed feature.

The degree of love: Six semesters and the Convocation Day by Navratra

What if couples celebrate pose day instead of rose day? Teaching each other how to stand in front of the camera could be the best...

A Mad Poem about Mad Poetry (by a Mad Poet)

Verse! Wild! Let it be wild and uncontrolled! Consider not whether it passes muster In the logic-schools, Or marks time with the monotonous regularity Of clopping hooves of horses...

How the Life Coaching Industry Sells Pseudo-Solutions to Our Deepest Problems

From Current Affairs: The cultural pressures to become a self-made individual have intensified at the same time that sources of social support have decreased. Enter the life coach.

Lady Yellow, Lady Blue by Brighid Aime

2am is a bipolar blessing. On the one hand, Her clock ticks, waking worlds away. On the other… Dreams tattoo pulses of heart, Maneuvered by her beaten, brush stroking...

Manic and Mistreated

I was shaking and crying as I told a stranger everything about my life, and they looked at me like I was a criminal. Like I was crazy. I started to think maybe I was.

Mad in America’s 10 Most Popular Articles in 2023

A roundup of Mad in America's most read blogs and personal stories of 2023 as chosen by our readers.

The Words That Stick Forever

I often think about how the situation could have played out, had that nurse and the doctor chosen kindness rather than aggression and impatience.

Robert Whitaker Answers Reader Questions on Pharma Marketing and Psychiatric Drugs

In Part 2 of our reader Q&A podcast, MIA founder Robert Whitaker answers questions on pharmaceutical marketing and issues with psychiatric treatments including psychiatric drugs and electroconvulsive therapy.

Robert Whitaker Answers Reader Questions on Mad in America, the Biopsychosocial Model, and Psychiatric...

On the Mad in America podcast this week we have Robert Whitaker with us to answer questions sent in by readers and listeners.

After MIA Calls for Retraction of STAR*D Article, Study Authors Double Down on the...

In their letter to the editor, Rush et al. have doubled-down on the fraud they committed in their 2006 summary report of STAR*D outcomes.

The WHO and the United Nations: Let Freedom Ring for the Mad

This is a call that challenges how psychiatry is practiced today and ultimately challenges its power in society.

I Secret Shopped #988 and Three Cop Cars Showed Up Outside My House

Although it professes to divert calls away from carceral responses, #988 may actually be increasing involuntary interventions.

The American Journal of Psychiatry’s Answer to MIA: A Silence that Speaks Volumes

The American Journal of Psychiatry will not be retracting the fraudulent STAR*D study.

Inside the Psychiatric Hospitals Where Foster Kids Are a “Gold Mine”

From Mother Jones: Scandal-plagued health care giant Universal Health Services (UHS) profits handsomely off the failing American child welfare system.

People Not Professionals

From Aeon: Peer support provides a cathartic space for refuge that transcends the constraints of expert-delivered formal services in favor of a more equitable relationship.

A History of Pernicious Anemia and Psychiatric Misdiagnosis

Katrina Burchell, chief executive officer of the Pernicious Anaemia Society, writes about the history of pernicious anemia, which produces symptoms that are often misdiagnosed...

Surviving Techno-Dystopia

From Mental Hellth: Malcolm Harris, a Silicon Valley native and author of Palo Alto: A History of California, Capitalism, and the World, discusses the mental health side of techno-capitalism.

Embracing the Shadow—Charlie Morley on Lucid Dreaming as Therapy

On the Mad in America podcast, we hear about the potential of lucid dreaming therapy to aid those struggling with post-traumatic stress.

Update on Retracting the Fraudulent STAR*D Results

Ed Pigott calls for retraction of 2006 STAR*D article in American Journal of Psychiatry.

Family Panel Discussion – Supporting a Child, Teen, or Young Person in Crisis

Supporting a Child, Teen, or Young Person in Crisis - Our guest panel, Ciara Fanlo, Morna Murray and Sami Timimi join host Amy Biancolli to share stories of crisis but also stories of healing and of hope.

The STAR*D Scandal: Scientific Misconduct on a Grand Scale

The American Journal of Psychiatry Needs to Retract Study That Reported Fraudulent Results

What’s Eating Oregon? Peer Respites, The Lund Report & Beyond

Peer respites are a precious resource that deserve protection, and implementation that prioritizes the full vision of the model and prevents co-optation.

What Causes Emptiness? | Jonice Webb, PhD

From Dr. Jonice Webb/Running on Empty: Many people who experience emptiness don’t even know they have it, much less what it is. They just know they feel "off"; like something just isn’t right with them.