Dismissing the “Human Experience”: College Students Feel Unseen by the Medical Model of Mental...

In conversations with college students and recent graduates from across the country and around the world, they described feeling dismissed by views of mental health that narrow their experiences to individual medical problems.

metamorphosis by Lazlo Taboli

development is hardly accurate for what has happened to me no, it's more of a transformation and there is still something in me that needs to...

The Connection Cure: An Interview with Julia Hotz

Julia Hotz is a solutions-focused journalist based in New York City. She is the author of the forthcoming book, The Connection Cure: The Prescriptive...

Conveying Hope, Empowering Teens: An Interview With Jessica Schleider

Clinical psychologist Jessica Schleider is founding director of the Lab for Scalable Mental Health, researching single-session interventions.

Green Star Mother Demands Answers from VA Secretary

If the Veterans Administration is sincere in wanting to reduce veteran suicides, the first place to start is to collect information following these deaths to try to better understand the causes.

Madness, Utopia and Revolt: An Interview With Sasha Warren

Sasha Warren founded Of Unsound Mind to trace the histories of psychiatry and its connection to policing and prisons.

My Red October – An Army Veteran’s Crucible to Recovery

After my VA mental health team prescribed Prozac, I began experiencing rapidly escalating behavioral changes. The drug was never considered as a potential cause.
A screenshot from Dr. Strangelove depicting Major Kong riding a bomb and waving his cowboy hat

How to Explain Top Psychiatrists’ “Dr. Strangelove Exuberance” Unchecked by Reality

Leading psychiatrists appear unfazed that their theories and treatments are repeatedly proven to be scientifically invalid and discarded.

Stealing My Mother From Me: The Horrors of Conservatorship

My beloved mother was mistreated, cheated, abused mentally, and alienated from her family by her conservator and the courts.

Remembering Bhargavi Davar: A Global Leader in the Struggle for Human Rights

Bhargavi Davar was a global leader in the struggle for human rights, with her work as a psychiatric survivor activist simply one aspect of that work.

poem by ElizaM

Jonesing You can say it's for drugs and think what you want, but drugs are no substitute for love. Think what you will and say what...

Deconstructing the Word Trauma: What Does it Mean Today?

"Trauma" is a pandora's box of a narrative. Most writings on the subject emanate from the Global North. Is trauma the 'same' in the Global South?

Leaving Biological Psychiatry Behind: An Interview With Rodrigo Nardi

Rodrigo Nardi is a psychiatrist and psychologist. He obtained his psychology degree in the year 2000, and following that, he obtained a certificate in...

The New York Times Is Now Engulfed in the STAR*D Scandal

The New York Times published yet again the fraudulent result from the STAR*D trial. Will the mainstream media ever tell of this scandal?

When I grow up by Stacey Callard

When I grow up Every living being will feel safe, Safe to roam and explore this home we call planet earth Clean air, education and healthcare will...

Wounded Healer by Samantha Irene

I look into the dark pool I see colors spinning Inklings Of what has yet to become With one prick of my finger The ripples of change Cast outwards Water cannot...

Hard of Hearing by Francis Fernandes

I kept telling her that Carsten Dahl is not Carson Dyle for the obvious reason the former doodles Danish bebop on the piano with a sort of...

Is Madness an Evolved Signal? Justin Garson on Strategy Versus Dysfunction

Philosopher Justin Garson discusses the potential benefit of looking at madness not as disease or defect, but as a designed feature.

The degree of love: Six semesters and the Convocation Day by Navratra

What if couples celebrate pose day instead of rose day? Teaching each other how to stand in front of the camera could be the best...

A Mad Poem about Mad Poetry (by a Mad Poet)

Verse! Wild! Let it be wild and uncontrolled! Consider not whether it passes muster In the logic-schools, Or marks time with the monotonous regularity Of clopping hooves of horses...

How the Life Coaching Industry Sells Pseudo-Solutions to Our Deepest Problems

From Current Affairs: The cultural pressures to become a self-made individual have intensified at the same time that sources of social support have decreased. Enter the life coach.

Lady Yellow, Lady Blue by Brighid Aime

2am is a bipolar blessing. On the one hand, Her clock ticks, waking worlds away. On the other… Dreams tattoo pulses of heart, Maneuvered by her beaten, brush stroking...

Manic and Mistreated

I was shaking and crying as I told a stranger everything about my life, and they looked at me like I was a criminal. Like I was crazy. I started to think maybe I was.

Mad in America’s 10 Most Popular Articles in 2023

A roundup of Mad in America's most read blogs and personal stories of 2023 as chosen by our readers.

The Words That Stick Forever

I often think about how the situation could have played out, had that nurse and the doctor chosen kindness rather than aggression and impatience.