Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy is Effective for Current Depression

A randomized, controlled trial by researchers in the Netherlands compared 102 subjects with recurrent depression receiving mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) + treatment-as-usual (TAU) with...

The Place of Medication in a Recovery Oriented System of Care

I was invited to present a work shop with Dan Fisher, MD PhD at the 2012 NAMI-VT annual meeting. These are my comments. They reflect my long term beliefs integrated with my reappraisal of practice in the past year.

Anxiety Accounts for Bipolar False Positives

Researchers found that of 1,534 patients assessed at Australia's Black Dog Institute Depression clinic, a significant number received a false positive diagnosis of bipolar...

Locus of Control Less Associated with Anxiety in Collective Societies

Locus of Control (LOC), a measure of the degree to which one perceives control of one's life to be internally- vs. externally-determined, was reviewed...

PLoS Medicine Series: Global Studies of “Practice-Based Evidence”

The Public Library of Science calls for "case studies that can help broaden our understanding of global mental health in 'real-life' contexts." The series...

Do I Have Too Many Questions This Morning?

What if it were the sun that could cure you; would you have the courage to go and find it? Would you wear sunscreen? If...

Whose Recovery Is This?! Helping Families Heal

Last night I had the privilege of attending my first Family Den with other Mother Bears like myself—parents, spouses, siblings and adult children. All of us have family members who have experienced mental health challenges. All of us had a story to tell.

Is Psychiatry “Salvageable”?

A reader in the commentary here asked me if I think “psychiatry is salvageable.” This is a timely question that requires careful consideration. First, I’ll...

Mad Pride and Spiritual Community: Thoughts on The Spiritual Gift of Madness

Let our Mad Pride movement be grounded in humility and kindness for each other in our diversity of life experiences, a recognition that social movements need good communicators and organizers more than charismatic leaders and messianic visions, and that the beautiful language we use to describe ourselves is only as powerful as the grounded actions we take to back up our words.

The Pond, Learning and Humility

What an amazing ride I’ve had in the past few days on the tsunami of commentary from my previous post. While it’s been fun (dare...

Pandora’s Box

This morning I remind myself to point my eyes forward. I tend to want to re-do the past and try to make bad things...

Why I don’t do “med checks”

I don't do "med checks". What do I do?

Life for Psychiatrists after Reading Bob Whitaker: Let’s Take Back Substance Abuse Treatment

An astounding development is the explosion in the numbers of substance abusers being diagnosed with Bipolar. I teach a class in Substance Abuse at...

Antidepressants Keep GIs Fighting

MIA Blogger Bruce Levine talks with American Free Press about the increasing use of psychotropic medications in today's military. Article → 

Discipline, Not Drugs

This is how a child gets into the mental health system. At age 3 he pitches a fit in the grocery store because he...

Pathologising Infancy

I had an epiphany the day I first saw my son in a coffin after his suicide. The moments following his hanging himself were...

Hallucination is Common in Children and Adolescents

Hallucinatory experiences are common in childhood and adolescence, and most cases discontinue in the short-term, according to a review of the data conducted by...

Cannabis May Precipitate Psychosis

In a study of 785 patients with a psychotic disorder, researchers from The Netherlands found that cannabis us was associated with an earlier onset...

Playing Hide-and-Seek with Psychiatric Drug Studies

If I were in charge of distributing NIH grant money, I’d be sending a lot of it to researchers like Erick Turner, a psychiatrist...

1984 & DSM5, Revisited: Where Are the Social Workers?

Where are the social workers? Where are the NASW and its local and state-wide chapters? For that matter, where are the peer-run and -led...

Dyskinesia, Dissociation, and the Long Term Consequences of “Antipsychotic” Drugs

I recently receive a tweet from Intervoice, that said “This is a odd research finding in my view, what do you think? http://fb.me/L9cs3NTR” Curious, I...

Carl Elliott, MD, PhD – Long Bio

ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE Carl Elliott, MD, PhD, is Professor in the Center for Bioethics at the University of Minnesota, where he also has joint...

Activity-Based Therapies Reduce Antipsychotic Use

Researchers from the University of North Carolina found that activity-based therapy and care reduced the use of antipsychotics in a study of 107 people...

Generative Narratives and the Counterculture Psychiatrists

For outsiders like me who are really critical of mainstream psychiatry, the first thing to understand is that "community psychiatry" is a counterculture within the larger culture of biomedical psychiatry. When I say "counterculture" I don't mean these people had flowers in their hair or face piercings.

Why I Prescribe

This is about neuroleptics. It is about psychosis or madness or whatever term one prefers. It is about people 18 years and older. I take...