Thursday, August 22, 2019

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  • I was in an outpatient DBT class in 2003 for two months in between 4 one-week hospitalizations (2 in 2002 and 2 in 2005). I was still deep in the medical model and on several meds during this time. I found the therapy helpful while giving me hope. I had a husband, teen son and 6yr old daughter at home and was fortunate they were at school and work while I attended this therapy. DBT gave me a refresher course on what I intuitively knew but was too drugged to remember. I am a more spiritually minded person anyway but was not acquainted with eastern thought at that time. Even though I was inpatient 2 more times after the class, those were much less intense. One never knows what you can glean from an encounter that will serve you later on. I have a personal story on this site published back in Sept 23rd 2018- A Healing Journey: Leaving Psychiatry Behind. I credit this class for beginning my journey to become psych-drug-free since 2011.

  • Thank you for your sweet comment! I have found that encouragement comes when we need if we open our eyes to see. Yours did that for me. πŸ™‚ I have used some short-term fasting a couple of times. It was quite helpful. I wish you well in your temporary hard moment. Though darkness may seem forever, joy comes in the morning!

  • It is so uplifting to hear of another’s journey out of psychiatric care. I have experienced this as well. As you explain, it was a long time coming. A book that helped me (and I have re-read many times!) was The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz. You can get it as a free PDF download or purchase it on Amazon. May you be blessed as you continue your life in a deeper way. πŸ™‚

  • Thank you, Annette, for sharing a bit about your journey! I found Dawson Church’s Genie in Your Genes and after reading about his explanation of Epigenetics, I felt I had found a real source of my family’s problems. πŸ™‚ To change the long-held beliefs I used a form of Theta Therapy that a friend and I came up with that is a mash-up of several different brain entrainment/meditation modalities. We started using this info back in 2012. Many people are waking up from a bad dream and it’s nice that some of us have been through the “fire” to guide others. Sending blessings to you as well. <3

  • Thank you for this well done and integrated article. I have been doing research for my 2nd book and have found much of what you have put forth. I find it humorous that you are using a term- pseudoscience- that has been leveled at more holistic practices and hurling it back at the psychiatric paradigm! I realize there is a need for at least a basic form of universal healthcare but my fear is that holistic practices, that are far more effective, will not be covered and therefore folks won’t see them as viable options. If more of us get in on the disclosure of how the recent pharmaceutical practices are harming us and promote how holistic means are helping then perhaps we can turn the tide in our favor at a grassroots level.
    Thank you for your work and I look forward to listening to your podcasts. πŸ™‚

  • Thank you, Rossa, for the interesting interview! I purchased the CD’s I used from I was so impressed with the first level, I bought the 2nd level about a year later. I recently purchased all 12 levels and am starting on level 3. This one has affirmations that I recorded underneath all the other sounds. Cerebral integration was one of the benefits touted in the use of binaural beats when it discussed building new neural connections. At the time, I just knew I was feeling better and had a clearer thinking process. Now after study, I realize why. With your information, I feel it adds to the whole of my understanding. I appreciate your sharing with me! πŸ™‚

  • My new “mantra” for how I live my life is- if what is there is not working for my good, build something else that makes the old way obsolete. My view of psychiatry as it has become today is it is a government sanctioned cult. Those indoctrinated to the cults values (the doctors, nurses, caregivers) are as trapped as we once were. Cults need followers to thrive. I pray they see that their prison door can be opened if they choose to see another way.

  • Thank you for reading, Rosalee. I have found the best justice is to live my best life, whatever that looks like, in the moment I live it. Crimes may have been committed against me but for the amount of time I carried the anger, I relived those crimes daily. When I released them (the doctors and hospitals), I truly was set free to live as I chose. It didn’t happen all at once, but it did happen.