Friday, August 12, 2022

Comments by Michael Sturman

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  • Marni, The posted article has fewer references than the original to make it more readable. The original had over 50 references to books, articles, and federal statutes. I’d be glad to send it to you If you have a Facebook page, send me a friend request, and I’ll send the original to you. My Facebook name is Michael E. Sturman. Otherwise, Facebook will not allow us to connect. Or an e-mail would do. I think when you see the original article, you’ll see there is good reason to question the safety and effectiveness of ECT for many people. I am sure you are aware there are always some people who benefit from the placebo effect of a medical procedure or drug when others report no effect or harm. That’s why I argue it’s important to find out what’s going on with MRI scan and Neuropsychological testing. I think it is wrong to go on with ECT “as usual” without knowing more.

  • Come trip with me to old Commitment State
    Where they rot your brain with electroshock,
    Until half of what you learned was forgot.
    And tranquilizers keep you half dead, half awake.
    There’s no good treatment here—don’t make a mistake!

    Nor terrorism something you just hear about in the news.
    They kick your ass and choke you until you’re black-n- blue.
    And then they lie about what they do.
    No sweet memories of Old Commitment State!
    Just nightmares to haunt you asleep or awake!

  • You might consider the DK Law Group. Their main office is in California but they have offices nationwide. They were the ones who represented the plaintiffs successful in a recent law suit against the manufacturers of electroshock machines for failure to warn of the risks in using their equipment. Also, you can contact your local lawyer’s referral service or bar association to find someone to represent you.

  • Laura, I know what it’s like to be caught in a mental health system that grossly fails to provide for your needs. If you like, you can read my personal account of what the state hospital was like for me at 16 under my name on this website. Don’t give up! Perhaps now your Psychiatrist and social worker will find another way for you after they see your article and all the support you’ve received. Why don’t you send it to them? Also, a lawyer who does mental health work could help. Michael E. Sturman, M.A.

  • What protections against revealing their mental health history do those with such histories have? I can imagine what would happen if an employer or prospective employer learned that you had a history of schizophrenia. Does the Americans with Disabilities Act or other laws offer protection? If so, where can I find the relevant sections of the statutes?