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An American History of Addiction, Part 3: Mr. Booze

Coupled with a burgeoning new movement (AA) for temperance members to refer to, the movement changed from a public policy interest group to what we would now call a treatment-based outreach organization.

What Stops People From Using Exercise to Treat Depression?

New research examines important factors of adherence when prescribing exercise to treat depression.

This Is Why Your Mental Health Can Get Worse Around Christmas

In this piece for HuffPost UK, Sophie Gallagher highlights some of the common factors that harm people's mental health during the holiday season, including financial stress, loneliness,...

Alcohol, Pot Dependent Teens Less Likely to Meet With Success

From Psych Central: According to a new study, teens who are dependent on marijuana and alcohol are less likely to marry, go to college, or work...

Alcohol Industry is Misleading Consumers About Cancer Risk

From MinnPost: According to an international team of researchers, the alcohol industry is misleading the public by misrepresenting and downplaying evidence linking alcohol consumption with cancer. "For...

What Can We Learn About Antidepressants from Alcohol?

Particularly since ketamine has been referred to as the “miracle cure” for depression, and as researchers continue to search for the next biochemical panacea, it is important to remember that even if a substance has antidepressant effects, it still may not be an appropriate treatment for depression.