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Weight Training May Help to Ease or Prevent Depression

From the New York Times: Lifting weights might also lift moods, according to an important new review of dozens of studies about strength training and...

The Simple Treatment That Beats Antidepressants

From PsyBlog: Research suggests that taking a brisk walk three times a week may be more effective in alleviating depression than antidepressants. Almost two-thirds of study...

The Effects of Exercise on Depression

From CNN: Exercise may help in reducing depression. Click here for a video on the benefits of exercise for people struggling with depression, including one man's...

Meditation + Exercise = ↓ Depression

A study released in Translational Psychiatry reports that "Although previous research has supported the individual beneficial effects of aerobic exercise and meditation for depression, these findings indicate...

“Doctors Say Exercise Can Relieve Depression Symptoms”

“Doctors say one of the best anti-depressants isn't even a drug, it's exercise,” CNN reports. “Experts say many cases of depression can be treated effectively with, for example, a pair of running shoes.”