Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Tag: Dollars for docs

Two Thirds of Patients See Physicians Who Receive Payments From Pharma

Study finds more patients are visiting physicians who have ties to industry than previously thought.

“Secret Trove Reveals Bold ‘Crusade’ to Make OxyContin a Blockbuster”

David Armstrong, reporting for STAT, highlights a trove of internal documents that describe the tactics Abbott pharmaceuticals used to convince doctors to prescribe OxyContin....

“You Won’t Believe the Outrageous Ways Big Pharma Has Bribed Doctors...

For the Influence, Martha Rosenberg looks into all of the ways Big Pharma attempts to market its drugs to physicians.  “They used to wine...

“Drug and Device Makers Paid $6.5 Billion to Docs and Teaching...

From Ed Silverman with Pharmalot: “Drug and device makers paid nearly $6.5 billion in payments to doctors and teaching hospitals last year, according to...

Trinkets and Lunches and Dollars for Docs Really Do Pay Off

Mad in America readers will not be astonished by the news that Big PhRMA showers physicians with “free” trinkets and samples and lunches and dinners and junkets and dollars. Such tactics are common throughout the world of commerce, where they are described by terms ranging from “promotion” to “commercial bribery.” But do bribe-like actions ensnare physicians?