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Study Links Emotional Intelligence and School Achievement

A new meta-analysis highlights a positive relationship between student emotional intelligence and academic achievement.

My Feelings Are Not My Enemies

From On Being: "I don’t need to look far for the source of my opinions about emotions. Then, as now, I lived in a...

Emotional Intelligence Needs a Rewrite

From Nautilus: The traditional notion of emotional intelligence is based on two assumptions: that it is possible to detect others' emotions accurately, and that emotions...

Human Jobs in the Future Will Require Emotional Labor

From Aeon: As technological change reduces the demand for human jobs in scientific and cognitive fields such as software engineering, biotechnology, and advanced manufacturing, future...

Too Much Emotional Intelligence is a bad Thing

From Scientific American: High levels of emotional intelligence may be associated with increased stress as well as feelings of depression and hopelessness. Article →­

Getting Better at Recognizing Your Emotions

In The Atlantic, Julie Beck interviews emotional intelligence expert David Caruso about the importance of accurately recognizing and communicating your emotions. “American culture demands that the answer to the question ‘How are you?’ is not just ‘Good,’ but sometimes ‘Great.’ Or—this drives folks around the world crazy, who might be based in another country but they work for an American company—we need to be ‘Awesome.’ There's this relentless drive to mask the expression of our true underlying feelings. It's almost inappropriate.”