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The Need for Acknowledgment of Context Within Approaches to Mental Distress

Mental distress is often perceived as something devoid of context, as an individual medical condition or a failure instead of a human condition linked to the social context one exists in.

Early Life Experience: It’s In Your DNA

From Scientific American: "We know that the activity and organization of the brain changes in response to experience. Memories and learning are reflected in the...

A Lazy Person’s Guide to Happiness

From The Atlantic: According to author Dan Buettner, who studies the healthiest people in the world, improving our surrounding environment has a much greater impact...

Climate Change Puts Cambodians at Risk of Mental Health Issues

From Eco-Business: Many Cambodians are still healing from a tragic recent past, from the Lon Nol regime in 1970 to the collapse of the Pol...

Natural Disasters Have a Serious Impact on Mental Health

From Bustle: Natural disasters often inflict psychological harm on those who experience them, increasing the likelihood of PTSD in survivors. In addition to repairing physical...

Self-Differentiation and Why it Matters in Relationships

From GoodTherapy.org: Research shows the tremendous impact we each have on one another's emotional and psychological health; our emotions, especially those that are negative, are...

More Students Than Ever Suffer Mental Ill Health

From The Guardian: The number of children and young adults experiencing mental health problems is rapidly rising. More than ever, young people are growing up in...

Prozac Nation is Now the United States of Xanax

In this piece for The New York Times, Alex Williams discusses the social, political, cultural, and economic trends that have led to the recent rise in...

Does Depression run in Families?

From U.S. News: A variety of research shows that children of parents diagnosed with depression are more likely to experience depression themselves. However, it is...

Same-sex Marriage Laws Linked to Drop in Teen Suicide Attempts

From MinnPost: Laws legalizing same-sex marriage are associated with a significant drop in teen suicide attempts. In states that legalized same-sex marriage before June 2015, when...

Personalized Medicine may Treat Rather Than Prevent Diseases

From The Conversation US: Although personalized medicine, which involves tailoring health care to each person's individual genetic makeup, has helped make progress in the treatment...