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Lee Coleman – The Reign of Error

An interview with Doctor Lee Coleman, psychiatrist and author of the 1984 book Reign of Error. Now retired, Lee devotes his time to public education that exposes the individual and public harms from today’s “mental health” industry.

The Psychoanalytic Struggle Against the DSM

Let us go back to 1975: psychoanalytic psychiatry was then quasi-hegemonic, and psychopathological models were accepted and used by most practitioners; other behaviourist practices were of minor importance and psychoanalysts had learned to make use of the advances of pharmacology. And yet a shadow was already looming over the picture.

Every Sufi Master Is, in a Sense, a Freudian Psychotherapist

In this piece for Aeon, Sam Haselby explores the parallels and intersections between Freudian psychoanalysis and Islamic mysticism. "The affinities between mystical Islam and Freudian thought...

How Midcentury Arab Thinkers Embraced the Ideas of Freud

In this piece for Aeon, Omnia El Shakry highlights the role that Freudian ideas and psychoanalysis played in midcentury Arab literature, education, politics, and culture. "For some,...

Anti-Freud: Karl Kraus’ Criticism of Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry

In this piece for Psychiatric Survivors, John C. Hancock discusses the work of Karl Kraus, who was praised by Thomas Szasz as one of the greatest...

Freud: The First Anti-Psychiatrist

Freud showed disdain for psychiatrists — he saw their untruthfulness and harmfulness. An antidote for the medical model’s infestation of our culture would be to reintroduce some of Freud’s theories to the public. After all, wouldn’t the medical model’s opposite be the best means of counteracting it?

The Empire Dreamt Back: Britain’s Use of Psychoanalysis

From Aeon: In the early 20th-century Age of Empire, officials in the British Empire sought to better understand their colonial subjects through the use of...

Susie Orbach and Frederick Crews Debate Freud’s Legacy

In this piece for The Guardian, Frederick Crews, author of Freud: The Making of an Illusion, debates with psychoanalyst Susie Orbach about the merits of Freud's...

The Curious Conundrum of Freud’s Persistent Influence

From The New York Times: Frederick Crews' new book The Making of an Illusion portrays Freud as relentlessly self-interested, irredeemably immoral, and interminably mistaken. Perhaps Crews...

Why Freud Still Isn’t Dead

From Scientific American: Psychoanalysis persists as an important form of mental health treatment despite decades of relentless criticism and the rise of both psychopharmacology and cognitive...

Psychoanalysts Fight to Make Their Profession Relevant

From STAT: Psychoanalysts are working to reinvigorate their profession and shift the public's perception of their field. The American Psychoanalytic Association and other organizations have developed...

“Therapy Wars: The Revenge of Freud”

Writing in The Guardian, Oliver Burkeman discusses the comeback of Freud’s psychoanalysis, along with humanistic therapy, interpersonal therapy, transpersonal therapy, and transactional analysis and...