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Screening Instruments Do Not Reflect Individual Experiences of Depression

Researchers detect discrepancies between the language used to describe lived experiences of mental health and the language used in modern screening tools.

The Necessary Transience of Happiness

From openDemocracy: Despite our cultural obsession with happiness and the widespread growth of the happiness industry, few of us are actually more satisfied with our lives....

How to Be Happy in 2018: Tips Recommended by Researchers

In this piece for Medical News Today, Maria Cohut lists five tips that researchers have recommended for a healthier, more fulfilling life to keep in...

More to Happiness Than Feeling Good, Study Finds

Cross-cultural data suggest that happiness involves feeling the emotions one deems as right, in accordance with personal and cultural values.

“Why You Shouldn’t Want to Always Be Happy”

For The Conversation, psychologist Frank McAndrew pushes back against the tide of think-pieces and self-help books aimed at improving individuals’ happiness. “Recognizing that happiness...

“Why So Many Smart People Aren’t Happy”

The Atlantic interviews Raj Raghunathan about his new book, If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy? “If you were to go back to the...

Trying Too Hard to Be Sane, or Trying Too Hard to...

A recent article, "Screw Positive Thinking! Why Our Quest for Happiness Is Making Us Miserable" provides humorous perspective on the ways seeking too hard after happiness can make us unhappy - and, it seems, stupid as well! I'm going to argue that the same paradox also applies to other aspects of mental health, and that some of the major problems in current mental health treatment result from failing to take this into account.