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When Homosexuality Was a “Disease”: My Story of Abuse

The horrors I was forced to undergo to ā€œtreatā€ my homosexuality are now unthinkable, but continue to raise questions about psychiatryā€™s ethics.

Psychiatrists Have Issued a Statement on Aversion Therapy

FromĀ BuzzFeed: The Royal College of Psychiatrists has issued a historic statement acknowledging the harm done toĀ lesbian, gay, and bisexual people who were subjected to...

More and More States Are Outlawing Gay-Conversion Therapy

FromĀ The Atlantic: States are increasingly moving to ban gay conversion therapy, restricting licensed mental-health practitioners including psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers from practicing any...

LGBT Pride and the Soul: An Essay by Edward Santana

FromĀ Routledge: InĀ hisĀ recent bookĀ Jung and Sex, Edward Santana explores the role that therapists can play in illuminating and deepening human complexities as well asĀ addressing the...

Gay Conversion Therapy Advocates Heartened by Election

FromĀ ABC News:Ā Advocates for gay conversion therapy have been heartened by the election of President Trump, believing that the new administration will fight off efforts...

Tampa Council Proposes ban on Conversion Therapy for Minors

From theĀ Tampa Bay Times:Ā The Tampa City Council recently moved to ban mental health professionals from providing gay conversion therapy to minors, proposing penalties of...

ā€œThe Nixon-Masked Man Who Helped End Homosexuality as a Diseaseā€

In a Forgotten History article for the Daily Beast, Brandon Ambrosino tells the story of the 1972 meeting of the American Psychiatric Association. There,...