Gay Conversion Therapy Advocates Heartened by Election


From ABC News: Advocates for gay conversion therapy have been heartened by the election of President Trump, believing that the new administration will fight off efforts to make conversion therapy programs illegal. A new report on ABC’s “20/20” investigates abuses occurring at two gay conversion therapy camps and includes interviews with survivors of conversion therapy.

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  1. This is not therapy in any shape or form. It is bigotry and discrimination running rampant across peoples’ civil and human rights.

    Quoting from a religious book such as the Bible as proof that gay people should be discriminated against does not understand how the Bible was created and why it was created. Literal interpretation of things in Hebrew Scriptures, known among Christians as the Old Testament, only leads to bigotry and hatred all done in the name of God. Sorry, I believe that this is a misuse of scripture.

    And, the same people who send their kids to these “Christian” camps in order to change their sexual orientation, are the same people who will immediately claim that they know and love Jesus. I beg to differ with them. The teaching of Jesus is above that of the Hebrew Scriptures for those who call themselves Christians. “Love one another as I have loved you, ” just doesn’t smack of the hatred that is found in these organizations, nor does “Judge not lest you be judged in the same manner”, nor “Why do you point out the splinter in your brother’s eye when you have a log sticking in your own”.

    I am no longer a Christian but I do believe in and follow the teachings of Jesus the Christ as best as I can. Jesus says absolutely nothing about sexual orientation or who one loves or any of that. He does have a lot of very scathing things to say about hypocrites and hateful attitudes towards others. He even tells a little story about how not everyone who yells, “Lord, Lord……” will get into heaven.

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  2. This conversion stuff is pretty ridiculous, but the advocates of this sort of abuse would be even more outraged to know these conversions sometimes happen with males treated for disperceptive illnesses by orthomolecular practitioners, where the practitioner ISN’T (I use the caps because I got flamed earlier on this subject and now have to explain myself to keep this from happening again) trying to change their patient’s sexual orientation, but trying to remove “run of the mill” perceptual distortions through nutrient therapy.(When I have to do this with appropriate individuals, I explain it is a side effect I can’t control).

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        • Right, oldhead. That’s what the schizophrenia syndrome is- a number of conditions that effect the constancy of our perceptions that shrinks mistakenly believe to be a single (“brain disease”) entity- no surprise these selfsame shrinks are at such a loss about treating this “disease”.

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      • You’ve got it generally right, lily, though we’re also dealing with treatments that can use very high doses of certain nutrients (B3, B6, B12, C the usual suspects), instead of psych drugs, as the core of treatment. Interestingly enough, this only occurs with males. I found mention of this in a volume called Orthomolecular Psychiatry, Linus Pauling and David Hawkins MD, editors, in a paper by Hawkins, describing the North Nassau Mental Health Center, which he used to run (an old guy, he retired and I don’t know if he’s still alive). Good luck finding the volume, though it’s probably in the Library of Congress.

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