Psychiatrists Have Issued a Statement on Aversion Therapy


From BuzzFeed: The Royal College of Psychiatrists has issued a historic statement acknowledging the harm done to lesbian, gay, and bisexual people who were subjected to aversion therapy, the practice of using electric shocks or nausea-inducing drugs to try to cure people of their sexual orientation. The statement was issued in response to an extensive BuzzFeed News interview with aversion therapy survivor Jeremy Gavins.

“Gavins, aged 18, was strapped in a chair by his wrists as electric currents were sent through his arm and pictures of naked men were shown on a screen. He described it as ‘torture’ and told BuzzFeed News how it triggered a lifetime of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, all of which required extensive further treatment from mental health professionals.

The statement from the college is a ‘hell of a step forward for them,’ Gavins told BuzzFeed News. ‘Especially since it comes from their president.’

‘I’m pleased that they’ve acknowledged [what happened],’ he said. ‘That does help. It does mean something. It’s as near as we’re going to get to an apology, it’s not far off. And it will make a difference to others [survivors of aversion therapy]. If I read that I’d think, Finally they’ve acknowledged it. We should welcome it with warm hands.'”

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  1. That is the history of psychiatry. Stupidity, ignorance, harm, torture, damage. Like their lovely insulin comas, ice baths, spinning chairs, lobotomies, and electroshock.
    Yes, the people who perpetrated these assaults should go to prison. The same is true of the deluded shock doctors brain damaging the poor people who fall into their clutches. When are they going to admit to brain damaging people, destroying their lives, and driving some to suicide.
    How despicable that nurses, anethetists, and others complicit in this crime say nothing, like the neurologists who fail to come together as a group to condemn this ignorant lunacy.
    An apology to the victims of “aversion therapy” is not enough.
    The monsters who did this to innocent people belong in jail.
    When will the college step forward to denounce “brain damage therapy/ECT”? In 30 years from now?

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  2. “The Royal College of Psychiatrists believes strongly that our first role as Doctors is to do no harm…. It is with openness, kindness and humility that we hold our hands up, open our doors, and fight tirelessly to provide the ethical, evidenced-based mental health treatment that all of us deserve.”
    Oh yes? Now why am I a little bit sceptical about that?

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