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Emotional CPR: Heart-Centered Peer Support

Two National Empowerment Center leaders discuss eCPR, a process for helping youth—or anyone—through an emotional crisis using three simple steps.

Mental Health First Aid: Another Psychiatric Expansionist Tool

Mental health literacy doesn't just mean the acquisition of some information and skills; it also means accepting the psychiatric hoax: "attitudes that promote recognition and appropriate help-seeking."  The goal is not just the dissemination of psychiatry-friendly information, but also the active conversion of skeptics to the psychiatric cause.

Why Evidence-based Practices Might not Actually Help People

Mental Health First Aid is designated as an evidence-based practice, but what does that really mean? All it means is that the program has gotten enough grant money to get some research that proves it meets its designated outcome criteria. This does not mean the real-life outcomes for the people involved, or for society, are desirable or helpful.

Mental Health First Aid: Your Friendly Neighborhood Mental Illness Maker

I did it. I finally did it. I went and took a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) class. I had already conjured it up in my mind to be big, bad and terrible based on what I understood to be its basic premise, the affiliated website, and all I’ve ever heard about it from anyone else. However, the truth is that many of those anyones also hadn’t taken it, and so… what if it was better than we all thought? What if we were full of assumptions and were just plain wrong? What does an actual day in the life of Mental Health First Aid look like?

Three Reviews of Mental Health First Aid

I wasn't sure how to judge mental health first aid. I kept asking friends taking the course but it's hard to get a good assessment if they don't understand the risks of labels and medication. People need to understand that in order to hear how sometimes things that are intended to help can actually harm.