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A Revolution Wobbles: Will Norway‚Äôs “Medication-Free‚ÄĚ Hospital Survive?

We interview Ole Andreas Underland, Director of the Hurdalsj√łen Recovery Center in Norway which provides ‚Äúmedication-free‚ÄĚ care for those who want such treatment or who want to taper from their psychiatric drugs. Ole Andreas explains why the success of this pioneering approach might threaten its future.

Mad in Norway

"People are getting some faith back. People are getting some hope, and they are finding each other, and we are building this community of people who want a change."

Medication-Free Treatment in Norway: A Private Hospital Takes Center Stage

At the Hurdalsj√łen Recovery Center in Norway, patients with a long history of psychiatric hospitalizations are tapering from their medications and, in a therapeutic environment that emphasizes a good diet, exercise, and asking patients "what do they want in life," are leaving their old lives as chronic patients behind.

New Review of Antipsychotics for Schizophrenia Questions Evidence for Long Term...

A systematic review of the limited research available on the long-term effects of antipsychotics finds fewer symptoms in those off of the drugs.