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Doctors Receive Opioid Training. Big Pharma Funds It.

Julia Laurie writes for Mother Jones about continuing education courses with links to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Proove Biosciences Sells Off Assets as CEO Departs

From STAT: Proove Biosciences, which sold dubious DNA tests to predict opioid addiction risk, has been placed into court-ordered receivership for restructuring and asset sale. Experts...

There’s Little Evidence Abuse-Deterrent Opioids Work

From STAT: In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has proposed using abuse-deterrent opioids - those that make it more difficult to crush, snort, or inject...

Half of Opioid Prescriptions Go to People With Mood Disorders

From STAT: A recent study found that 51 percent of all opioid prescriptions in the U.S. are written for people diagnosed with anxiety, depression and other...

Why Isn’t Big Pharma Paying for the Harm it Caused?

From Alternet: The pharmaceutical industry has played a major role in causing the opioid crisis by downplaying the potentially addictive and fatal effects of narcotic pain...

Are Pharmaceutical Companies to Blame for the Opioid Epidemic?

From The Atlantic: As opioid abuse rises, some attorneys general and advocates are filing lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies for misleading doctors and the public about...

The Long History of Discrimination in Pain Medicine

From The Atlantic: Throughout history, doctors have often stigmatized and discounted patients suffering from pain without visible injury. The rise of X-rays and other "objective"...

“4 in 10 Know Someone Addicted to Prescription Pain Killer”

A new poll, published in the Washington Post, explores the public’s connection to prescription pain killer abuse. “A surprising 56 percent of the public say...