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Lawsuit: 1 in 4 MO Foster Kids on Psych Drugs; State...

From Buzzfeed News: "Foster kids in Missouri are overmedicated with powerful drugs that keep them in 'chemical straight-jackets,' putting them at risk of harm,...

Psychiatrist’s Depression Shapes His Treatment of Young People

From The Washington Post: "I try not to blame people: the children and young people who have so often been blamed for their own...

Overprescribing for Medicaid Kids Due to Shortage of Alternatives

From Modern Healthcare: Physicians may be overprescribing psychotropic medications to children on Medicaid or CHIP, which may be partly due to inadequate access to alternatives...

If Psychiatrists Took Truth Serum, What Would They Say?

Psychiatrists don’t use the same language that others do — the meaning of what they say isn’t always so clear. I can translate “psychiatrist speak,” since practicing within the field for over 30 years enabled me to gain easier insight into understanding what their words really mean. Here are 13 examples.

My Daughter and Prozac

While our daughter was growing up, my ex-wife treated our daughter’s body like a temple. She was the only kid among her friends not allowed to drink soda or cow’s milk as they might negatively affect her health. But Prozac for mild anxiety? Sure, no problem. I was honestly and genuinely shocked.