Psychiatrist’s Depression Shapes His Treatment of Young People


From The Washington Post: “I try not to blame people: the children and young people who have so often been blamed for their own distress and have felt so guilty that they have blamed themselves; parents and carers who are unable to understand what children are going through and are often just as needy of help; fellow professionals, who are desperate to help but are clinically trained and emotionally more comfortable with traditional ways of doing things.

So, yes, we are in danger of overdiagnosing distressed children and reaching too quickly for a prescription more appropriate for adult illness. But I understand why. Showing how a young person might fulfill — or not — a set of criteria and dishing out a course of pills is very obviously ‘doing’ something, and the pressure to do something is huge.”

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  1. “we must work together to build the child’s self-confidence so they can explore new ways of thinking about themselves and the world. In other words, it must be an empowering relationship that searches out the strengths that all children have and builds upon them.”

    This is the opposite of what recipients of the stigmatizing and disempowering “formal diagnosis and medication” are getting. They’re being lied to and told they have “lifelong, incurable, genetic brain diseases.” How disempowering and depressing can you get, psychiatry? Please stop defaming, torturing, and murdering our children en mass.

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