Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Mental Health Survival Kit, Chapter 2: Is Psychiatry Evidence Based? (Part...

Virtually every single placebo-controlled drug trial in psychiatry is flawed, systematic reviews of trials are also flawed, and guidelines are flawed. Even the drug approval process is flawed.

Patient Advocacy Groups Aren’t Always What They Seem

From Recent studies have shown that well over half of patient advocacy groups accept money from drug, biotech, or medical device companies, and nearly...

Trust Falls – Are We in a New Phase of Corporate...

From The Scholarly Kitchen: We may be in a new phase of corporation-funded research. According to the 2016 Science & Engineering Indicators from the National...

Newly-Revised List of Industry-Independent Experts for Journalists

From HealthNewsReview: For nine years, HealthNewsReview has hosted a one-of-a-kind list of health care industry-independent experts for journalists. The list has now been revised with new...

A 10-Year Fight to Rein in Pharmaceutical Promotion

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: Last week, 200 doctors and scientists assembled at Georgetown University for the 10th annual conference of PharmedOut, an educational...

Has Evidence Based Medicine Been Hijacked?

John Ioannidis claims that the idea of evidence based medicine has been “hijacked to serve agendas different from what it was originally aimed for,” in a newly published critical essay in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. Ioannidis frames the essay as a continuation of a conversation with David Sackett, widely considered the founder of evidence based medicine.